4 DIY coconut milk hacks to make your hair soft as silk

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Hair has been closely romanticized by widespread tradition, particularly movies. Over the years, films have set a benchmark for ‘ghane and mulayam baal’ – voluminous and silky-soft hair. But it takes extra than simply wishing for it! You’ve obtained to take nice care and nurture your crowning glory to have lengthy and robust hair. While a number of merchandise discover a place on market cabinets, there’s nothing fairly like some ‘dadi-nani ke nuskhe’ when it comes to magnificence hacks. Using coconut milk for hair well being is one such trick! Come, allow us to learn the way to use coconut milk for hair and what are its advantages for hair.

Benefits of coconut milk for hair

Coconut in itself has a number of well being advantages. While the coconut oil has confirmed advantages for hair well being, consuming coconut water is taken into account actually wholesome too! And when it comes to coconut milk, wait until you realize about its advantages for hair development.

By nature, coconut milk is a wealthy fatty acid, giving it a moisturizing property. This empowers it to depart your hair soft and entangled.

Coconut milk can be loaded with nutritional vitamins, proteins, zinc and iron. Together, these work on the maintenance of your hair and scalp, as properly as promote hair development.

But how do you actually use coconut milk for hair? Come let’s discover out!

Nourish your hair with the goodness of coconut milk. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4 methods to use coconut milk for hair development

1. Plain coconut milk

* You simply want 1/4th cup of coconut milk
* Slightly heat the coconut milk.
* Massage your hair and scalp with the coconut milk for round quarter-hour
* Cover your head with a bathe cap.
* After retaining it on for an hour, wash your hair.

2. Coconut milk and yogurt combine

* 5 spoons coconut milk
* 1 spoon curd
* 1/4 spoon camphor powder

* Bring the three components collectively in a mixing bowl
* Apply this combination properly (make positive you comply with the roots-to-ends utility methodology)
* Keep it on for an hour, and wash it properly with shampoo.

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curd benefits for hair
Curd is as good for hair as it’s for your tummy! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Coconut milk and olive oil combine

4 spoons coconut milk
1 spoon of olive oil (know benefits of olive oil for hair)
1 spoon of honey

* Take a bowl with the three components added to it
* Make positive you carry it to lukewarm temperature
* Apply it totally on the scalp and hair.
* Wait patiently for an hour
* Wash it with an everyday shampoo

Home remedies for hair growth
Your hair may be lengthy and robust with dwelling treatments. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Coconut milk and honey masks for hair

4 spoons of coconut milk
2 spoons of honey

* Mix the two components collectively
* Massage it properly on the scalp and hair strands
* Keep the combo on for 1-2 hours as most popular, and wash it off.

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