A Number Maze For Younger Hackers

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[David Johnson-Davies] has a lofty purpose of constructing a small system to provide to youthful hackers on a semi-yearly foundation. So this final 12 months, he designed and created The Number Maze Game, a small handheld logic puzzle maze.

It’s primarily based on a number of 4-digit seven-segment shows managed by an AVR128DA32. Navigation is just some push buttons and a buzzer to let you already know if you’ve received. The sport is easy: you bounce the quantity listed on the house you’re presently on, attempting to get to the house labeled “H.” [David] lays out how he constructed it in nice element, discussing the method of designing and meeting. He additionally expounds on many selections, akin to utilizing a TQFP microcontroller as an alternative of the through-hole ATmega328P as a result of I/O pin rely.

The directions and design course of are so detailed we’re assured most individuals might simply reproduce it, particularly with the code and board files. But the worth of this venture will not be in blindly copying it. Instead, we love how one thing so easy may be splendidly entertaining and beneficial to youthful hackers. Programming headers are included to allow them to add new mazes. We suspect there are numerous on the market who would like to get one thing so tactile, easy, and modifiable.

Of course, we’ve seen other minimal maze games, so there’s no lack of inspiration for making some totally different.

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