A Single Board Computer From A TV

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It is an annoyance for some members of our group, that it has grow to be nearly not possible to purchase a TV that’s not a so-called “smart” TV. These items include a pc in addition to the show, and it boots right into a locked-down OS with a person interface and a load of streaming apps. Can something be executed with them aside from what their producers supposed? [Nina Kalinina] has managed it, taking the mainboard from a discarded LCD TV and liberating the ARM Linux board within.

On the board are all of the inputs you’d count on from a TV, together with Ethernet, and a few further USB ports hidden within the WiFi interface. There’s a UART accessible on the SCART connector, and accessing the U-boot menu is achieved by the bizarre technique of sending a personality to the infrared port utilizing a Palm Pilot. Surprisingly the machine tree within the Flash was editable, so with the Linux OS accessed, the board was revealed as having a dual-core Novatek SoC.

This is harking back to the times when the brand new hotness was dragging a Linux box out of a home router, and simply as these have been rapidly eclipsed by cheap boards such because the Raspberry Pi, so may these TV boards meet the identical destiny. If, nonetheless, they are often made to drive a display with one thing extra helpful than the TV interface then which may change, as who wouldn’t wish to make an outdated good TV a bit extra helpful?

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