A woman of 98 who went to join the Ukrainian army saying she would fight for homeland; The Department of Foreign Affairs is a source of inspiration

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The woman of Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine War Doesn’t appear to get up for a whereas. (*98*) cities in Ukraine have been destroyed by the Russian army. We have seen movies and photographs of the injury brought on by the Russian forces in the media and social media. But Ukrainians (Ukraine) Do not depart alone. There, each citizen, regardless of his age, occupation or state of affairs, stepped ahead to fight for the nation. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry shares the story of a 98-year-old woman who mentioned, “I will fight for my country.”

The title of this woman is Olha Tverdokhlibova. He additionally noticed World War II. Those with struggle expertise. But his age in World War II was quick. But now he is 98 years outdated. Ohla has come to join the army of Ukraine as the Russian president orders the navy operation on Ukraine. I would fight for my homeland. But it is additionally mentioned that the Ukrainian Army didn’t permit it, contemplating their age.

Sharing the picture of Ohla is Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who is 98-year-old Olha Tverdokhlibova. He has World War II expertise. He witnessed the struggle and was actively concerned in it. Watching the struggle for a second now. They are additionally getting ready to fight for Ukraine. But in spite of their expertise and advantage, their age has been denied. But once we take a look at all these, the fight will get much more inspiring. Caption wrote that Ukraine will likely be victorious in the close to future.

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