America is spreading false news about our role in the Russian invasion of Ukraine; China charges

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Russian invasion of Ukraine

China has accused the United States of spreading misinformation about Russia’s assist for Ukraine in the Ukraine War. China has made this clear earlier than the talks between the ambassadors of the two international locations in Rome and criticized the US for spreading false rumors about China’s role in the struggle between Russia and Ukraine. As in Russian attraction Ukraine The US has warned that China will impose international sanctions on China if the Chinese navy cooperates with Russia in the struggle in opposition to it. On its again, China has dismissed the US accusation.

Here are 10 latest developments in the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

  1. A spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry has accused the US of spreading misinformation with malicious intent geared toward China in the case of Ukraine.
  2. The statements have been made at the Chinese Foreign Ministry briefing in Beijing.
  3. Earlier this morning, US officers advised the media that Russia had requested for Chinese navy and monetary help for the struggle in Ukraine.
  4. The US alleges that China is in the course of of spreading false news on behalf of Russia. China has been accused of spreading false news to assist Russia use chemical and organic weapons in Ukraine.
  5. The US had alleged that Russia had requested for Chinese navy gear to accentuate its aggression over Ukraine. It additionally warned of imposing international sanctions on China if it helped Russia.
  6. Diplomatic efforts are mounting to finish the struggle in Ukraine. Ukrainian and Russian negotiators are prepared to talk once more after the weekend, with either side citing progress.
  7. The air raid on the airport in the west of Ukraine once more. There have been heavy shelling in Chernihiv, northeast of the capital, and assaults on the southern city of Mykolaiv.
  8. More than 2,500 residents of the Black Sea port metropolis of Maripol have been killed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, presidential adviser Oleksy Aristovich stated.
  9. About 2.7 million folks have fled to Ukraine as of Saturday. Some 1.7 million of them are going to Poland, the UN refugee company UNHCR reported.
  10. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday urged NATO to impose a no-fly zone on its nation. He warned that its member states would quickly be attacked by Russian forces after an airstrike on a Ukrainian navy base close to the Polish border.

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