Are sex and UTI interlinked? An expert answers

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If you’re somebody who’s a sufferer of frequent UTI, your sex adventures could also be one of many causes. Here’s what it’s essential know.

Urinary tract infections (UTI) could have crept into your life sooner or later or the opposite, however you understand how annoying they are often, proper? Well, there are numerous the reason why they might happen, however sexual activity can be one of many largest causes. Yes, sex and UTI will be interlinked.

Before we perceive the hyperlink between the 2, right here’s all it’s essential find out about UTIs, with the assistance of Dr Ankita Gharge, a well-liked Ob-Gny.

Here’s what she shares with Health Shots, “UTI is an infection of your urinary system. It can be an infection of the urethra, your bladder, ureters, or kidney. Some of the most common symptoms that are observed, including a burning sensation while passing urine, itching sensation near your urethra, urgency to urinate, decrease in the quantity of urine, change in the colour of urine, blood in the urine, pain in the lower abdomen, and more. Sometimes, the patient may also have fever, and it could be associated with a renal stone.”

What is the hyperlink between sex and UTI?

Dr Gharge explains that there’s alternate of micro organism from the genital space to your urethra. The urethra is a gap that lies simply above the vagina, which isn’t lined with any membrane. It is smaller in girls, which is why girls are extra vulnerable to UTIs than males.

“During sexual intercourse, the urethra is exposed to disturbed bacteria, which might travel from the urethral opening to the bladder. They might just grow into the bladder. That’s why you see that those couples who are newlywed or those who have started recent sexual intercourse may suffer from recurrent UTIs,” she provides.

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What precautions should one take to keep away from UTI?

Here’s what the expert says:

1. Keep your self hydrated, so that you simply hold urinating regularly. That will show you how to flush out the micro organism current within the urinary bladder.
2. You have to move urine instantly after sexual activity, as a result of no matter micro organism could have entered will go away with the urine.
3. Do not maintain on to your urine for too lengthy, as a result of when you do, micro organism will develop inside your bladder.
4. Use a barrier methodology of contraception, so as to stop transmission of organisms
5. Recurrent UTIs are extra frequent in girls who’ve elevated sugar ranges. So, be careful for signs!

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How to deal with UTI?

“Your doctor will advise some urinary tests, just to confirm if there is an infection or to diagnose the kind of infection. If you do not complete your antibiotic course, there is a chance that your infection will not be treated properly,” says Dr Ankita.

If you have got been taking over-the-counter medicines for recurrent UTIs, chances are you’ll be exposing your self to antibiotic-resistant micro organism and for that, chances are you’ll want the next dose of antibiotics. So, do NOT take these drugs!

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