Beware of these side effects of having excessive amla!

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You may love amla for its a number of well being, pores and skin and hair advantages, however consuming it in massive portions is admittedly not a good suggestion women! Read to know in regards to the side effects of amla.

Amla aka Indian gooseberry is a treasure trove of well being advantages. All because of the presence of important nutritional vitamins and antioxidants that assist to advertise good well being.  Moreover, this superfood has quite a few advantages for pores and skin, hair, psychological well being, and so forth. Even Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicinal observe, consists of amla in most of its cures attributable to its useful medicinal properties. It has due to this fact change into very identified within the discipline for a similar. But amla may have some side effects particularly for those who eat it greater than it might be required.

HealthShots spoke to Dr Archana Batra, a Dietitian, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, and Certified Diabetes Educator, to grasp the side effects of amla and who mustn’t eat it.

Dr Batra mentioned, “Just like every other thing, amla has various pros and cons too. The superfood can also prove to be harmful if consumed in excessive quantities or in certain conditions without a doctor’s or dietician’s consultation.

The small Indian gooseberry or amla is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Therefore, it is necessary to understand several side effects that amla possesses to know the effects it might have on our body while consuming the food in several situations.

Who should not consume amla?

1. Amla is not for hypotension patient

Since amla is known for aiding hypertension, it has great abilities to lower and maintain blood pressure. But in case you are suffering from hypotension, that is low blood pressure, it is advisable to avoid excess amla consumption and indulge in exercising to keep your blood pressure level maintained.

2. Amla is not for low sugar

“Raw amla is also known for beneficiary properties as a home remedy to regulate diabetes because of its rich fiber properties that can absorb the excess sugar. But if you are suffering from low sugar (Hypoglycemia) or are on regular anti-diabetic medications, the case may not be the same for you,” mentioned Dr Batra. The marvel meals can hamper the drugs and in addition lower blood sugar to an excessive degree.

Consuming an excessive amount of amla can set off these side effects, in response to Dr Batra:

1. Heart sufferers ought to be cautious

Amla may result in some damaging reactions with sure drugs. So, people who find themselves affected by coronary heart ailment should seek the advice of their physician for amla’s consumption.

side effects of amlaProtect your coronary heart by consuming amla carefully. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. It can set off acidity

The meals is wealthy in vitamin C and an ideal supply of ascorbic acid. Being acidic in nature, it could actually set off acidity and trigger irritation within the abdomen for individuals who have had a historical past of hyperacidity issues.

3. It could make stool onerous

Amla is undoubtedly a identified treatment for constipation attributable to its wealthy fiber content material. Nevertheless, excessive consumption can harden the stool.

4. Dehydration can happen

Amla has diuretic properties and will increase urine manufacturing within the physique. So, it might additionally result in dehydration and weight loss in some circumstances. Hence, women who’re pregnant also needs to be further cautious whereas consuming amla.

5. It can result in pores and skin issues

Being a diuretic means it helps in getting rid of toxins and waste from our our bodies. But if this water loss isn’t replenished, dehydration might result in loss of luster within the pores and skin, thereby inflicting dryness and early ageing.

side effects of amlaAmla is nice pores and skin however watch out with its consumption. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Hair fall can occur

Excessive amla consumption additionally promotes scalp dryness, hair fall, itchiness, dandruff, and different scalp associated issues too.

So, learn how to eat amla safely?

“The only key while consuming amla is the consideration of amount intake. Amla is a very beneficial food if taken in carefully in moderation. But it can lead to various problems too if attention is not given to the amount of amla consumption and it is, therefore, advisable to eat 1 or 2 amlas per day or consult your doctor,” mentioned the professional.

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