Bollywood actress named ‘Aditya’ tattooed in Kannada

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Bollywood actress named ‘Aditya’ tattooed in Kannada ,Megha Gupta is among the hottest actresses of Hindi tv. The actress is all the time in the highlight with glamorous photoshoots.

Many photos of Megha Gupta posing in entrance of the digital camera can be found on social networking web site. These pictures take a more in-depth take a look at the tattoo on the cloud physique.

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Born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Megha Gupta will not be far-fetched. But she has a reputation tattooed on her physique in Kannada!

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Megha Gupta, who has been in the performing career since 2004, has starred in a number of Hindi serials. Megha’s physique, which is understood for its glamor look, has a tattoo written in Kannada known as ‘Aditya’. If so who is that this Aditya. Why is that this actress tattooed in Kannada?

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Megha tattooed in Kannada

Megha tattooed in Kannada

Actress Megha is tattooed in Kannada as ‘Aditya’ on the backside of the chest. ‘Aditya’ will not be a Kannada Aditya, the identify of Megha Gupta’s first husband is Aditya Shroff. Actress Megha Gupta tattooed her identify. Her husband’s identify is tattooed however why in Kannada? There isn’t any clear reply. It is widespread for tattooists to tattoo the identify of family members in Chinese and different languages ​​in order that others might not perceive them. It can be attainable that Megha additionally tattooed Aditya’s identify in Kannada for a similar motive.


Married in 2010, Divorce in 2014

Married in 2010, Divorce in 2014

Megha Gupta and Aditya Shroff obtained married in 2010. Megha Gupta filed for divorce in 2014 after 4 years of marriage with yoga trainer and innovator Aditya Shroff. Actress Megha has not deleted her first husband’s tattoo regardless of her divorce. Aditya Shroff had dated Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha for a while earlier than she married Megha. But after Sonakshi made her fame in Bollywood, the 2 complained.


Married with Siddhant Karnik in 2014

Married with Siddhant Karnik in 2014

Megha is married to Siddhant Karnik after her divorce with Aditya Shroff in 2014. He was divorced in 2020 after 4 years of brooding. Siddhant Karnik has additionally acted in many TV serials and movies. Actress Megha Gupta is at the moment single after her divorce with Siddhant.


Away from acting 2018

Away from performing 2018

Megha Gupta began performing in 2004 as a supporting character in the Kusum collection and has since starred in a number of serials. She additionally participated in some common actuality reveals together with Nach Baliye. In 2018, Ullu additionally starred in a semi-sex net collection titled ‘Bribe’ for OTT. Her function in this net collection is that of a prostitute. Megha, who’s away from performing after 2018, is importing her sizzling photos on her Instagram. The actress can be posing for lots of bikini photograph shoots.


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Hindi actress Megha Gupta tattooed a reputation in Kannada language. She tattooed her first husband Aditya’s identify in Kannada.

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