Campaigns have started to return the diamonds and pearls that were stolen by the British to their respective international locations!

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Social activist Thanduksolo Sabelo has demanded that the Cullinan diamond be returned to South Africa instantly, CNN reported.

Diamond Crown and Scepter

We all have seen the diamonds that adorned the crown worn by the British Queen and now worn by King Charles. But you understand what’s actual? Those valuable diamonds were stolen from the British occupied international locations. The British additionally picked up pearls, gems and diamonds from South Africa together with Kohinoor from India. Since Queen Elizabeth’s loss of life, international locations that have misplaced diamonds are demanding their return. South Africa can also be included in the checklist of those international locations and has appealed to the British Crown to return the diamond named Great Star of Africa (The Great Star of Africa).

According to a CNN report, the diamond was reduce from a big gem present in a South African mine in 1905. The Great Star Diamond, also called Cullinan, was handed over to the British royal household by Jana Cullinan, who led the British colonies. The diamond was put in in Rajanda the place the late Queen Elizabeth used to dwell.

Social activist Thanduksolo Sabelo has demanded that the Cullinan diamond be returned to South Africa instantly, CNN reported. “The minerals of our country and other countries are actually the wealth of the people of the respective countries, but the British Crown is taking advantage of them,” Sabelo mentioned.

Sabillo has launched a web-based marketing campaign to return the Cullinan diamond to South Africa, which has already been signed by greater than 6,000 folks.

South African Member of Parliament Vyolavethu Jungula mentioned in one in every of his tweets, ‘The British ought to pay for the harm and loss they have executed to us, and return the gold, diamonds and sapphires that were stolen from our nation.’

A 530.2-carat drop-shaped diamond was embedded into the scepter with a cross, ABC News reported. The scepter was utilized in ceremonies akin to coronations in the 1600s and was thought-about a sacred object.

The Cullinan diamond is on public show at the Jewel House in the Tower of London, ABC News mentioned.

The precise worth of the diamond has not but been estimated, though it’s mentioned to be very invaluable due to its rarity.

Many social media customers have started campaigns demanding the return of a number of diamonds held by the British household to their respective international locations.

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