Caught between choosing a period panty and sanitary pads? Weigh these pros and cons

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You’ve most likely seen commercials for tampons or menstruation cups or heard your mates discussing them. Apart from this, you might have additionally come throughout period-proof underwear? Ladies, period panties and underwear have gotten more and more well-liked. After all, regardless of their perform as a blood absorption product, they seem like common underwear. Although they could be a improbable different, not everybody is definite of what they’re and whether or not or not utilizing them is secure.

We perceive that making an attempt one thing new can at all times be tough and that’s why we’re right here to assist. Health Shots spoke to Dr Swetha M.P, Consultant – Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, HRBR Layout, Motherhood Hospitals Bengaluru, to search out out in regards to the benefits and disadvantages of period panties and if they’re a higher choice to common sanitary pads or not.

What are period panties?

A comparatively new menstrual blood absorption product is a period panty. They are basically what their identify implies—panties that function a sanitary pad. They are made to carry the equal of two tampons’ value of blood. They are additionally washable and reusable, which makes them extra economical and environmentally pleasant.

Are period panties actually hygienic?

There may be a number of inhibitions related to utilizing period underwear. Dr Swetha says, “Many women are skeptical about trying period underwear because they are not sure about the hygiene levels of period underwear. Contrary to popular belief, these underwear are quite safe and hygienic to use.”

Period panties are cost-effective and a sustainable menstrual well being and hygiene answer. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How does it work?

There are usually greater than three layers in period underwear, which aids in environment friendly absorption. Invest in high-quality period underwear that fully absorbs menstrual blood and evaporates all moisture. Additionally, it could take in sweat, vaginal discharge and minor urine leaks.

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How to make use of period panties?

These may be worn in the identical method as common underwear.

Dr Swetha says, “You can wear period underwear for about 12 hours in a day. However, it is imperative that you wash it properly post use and make sure it is completely dry before you plan to use it again.”

What are the pros and cons of period panties?

Here are benefits of period panties, in response to Dr Swetha:

  • They really feel lighter when worn in comparison with sanitary pads
  • They can be worn for a longer period
  • They are perfect for travelling functions the place entry to restrooms is proscribed
  • They are additionally surroundings pleasant in nature as they are often reused. Sanitary pads alternatively are artificial in nature and are detrimental to environmental well being.
period panties
Period panties are similar to your common underwear. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Here are disadvantages of period panties:

  • Period panties are additionally recognized to assist with menstrual cramps whereas some girls have complained about elevated cramping whereas utilizing tampons.
  • On the flip facet, a period panty might not be superb in case you’ve a heavy move. They also can show to be costly as in comparison with sanitary pads and common underwear.
  • Period panties don’t assist with menstrual odour and there are probabilities that you’d odor the identical, particularly if you end up utilizing them for longer hours.

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It is advisable that you just as soon as strive utilizing a period panty and then see if you need to go forward with utilizing it.

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