Causes of Car Accidents: The Expressway to The Next Life

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Causes of Car Accidents: The Expressway to The Next Life, According to a latest research, automobile accidents ranked ninth out of the highest ten causes of dying world extensive. It additionally ranked first among the many prime ten accident-caused deaths. Over 40,000 Americans die in automobile crashes yearly.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, somebody is concerned in a automobile accident each ten seconds. It is estimated that each 12 minutes, an individual dies in a automobile crash. Car accidents are the main trigger of dying for Americans 35 years previous and youthful. In 2002 alone, there was a reported 43,005 deaths attributable to automobile accidents.

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What are the main causes of automobile accidents?

Car accidents can usually be attributed to driver recklessness or negligence, the automobiles concerned in an accident, and street and climate situations on the time of the accident.

Driver Negligence.

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Driver negligence might manifest in lots of types. It could also be as a result of of rubbernecking, driving below the affect of alcohol, the driving force’s lack of expertise, or an aggressive driving habits. Under driver negligence, rubbernecking had been reported as the highest trigger of automobile accidents.

This occurs when motorists cease to have a look at different accidents they cross by and lose focus on the street forward. This distraction results in a series of accidents that may have been averted. Driving below the affect of alcohol is strictly prohibited within the US. This is taken into account as a felony offense and isn’t taken evenly.

A reported forty p.c of all traffic-related deaths have been attributed to driving whereas intoxicated. Inexperienced drivers who aren’t accompanied by an grownup with a legitimate driving license additionally contribute to automobile accidents. One quarter of reported automobile accidents concerned teenage drivers. Aggressive driving behaviour like difficult different drivers to a road race within the center of the street, forcing to reduce right into a lane, not giving manner to different automobiles additionally contribute to the rising statistics of automobile accidents.


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Defective auto elements, automobile design, and/or automobile upkeep are additionally main causes of automobile accidents. Defective door latches, seat belts, airbags, seat backs, roofs, ignition techniques, and gas techniques are all contributing elements within the harm prompted in vehicular accidents. The general defective design of a automobile makes accidents and damages extra seemingly. SUV designs make a automobile much less steady on the street and 4 occasions extra seemingly to rollover in an accident as in contrast to passenger automobiles.

Road and climate situations.

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It is comprehensible that this trigger isn’t actually one thing man can have any management of. However selecting to come out on the street with out first bearing in mind the climate and street situation can also be thought of negligence on the half of the driving force.

How can we keep away from automobile accidents?

Responsible driving is the important thing to keep away from getting your self concerned in a automobile accident. For teenage drivers, don’t exit driving unsupervised. Avoid ingesting an excessive amount of alcohol if you’re driving, not solely will you have the ability to see the street clearer, your focus might be higher, too. Concentrate on the street, disregard any distractions whereas driving. If it’s actually needed that you just take a second to acknowledge any distractions, park your automobile on a secure space after which attend to what ever wants your rapid consideration. Drive defensively as an alternative of being aggressive on the street. Always hold your self abreast to climate situations earlier than going out. Make positive and test your automobile for any issues even earlier than you hit the street. It is best to be ready and secure than moving into an accident on the street.

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