‘Criminal Procedure (Identity) Bill, 2022’ presented in Lok Sabha today

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‘Criminal Procedure (Identity) Bill, 2022’ presented in Lok Sabha today , The Criminal Procedure (Identity) Bill, 2022, will probably be presented in the Lok Sabha today, Union Home Minister Amit Shah mentioned.

The invoice goals to empower police to take the identification of offenders and different individuals for the needs of identification and investigation of offenders to protect data. The invoice “gives for police to consult with this part of typewriting, handwriting, footprint, images, eye and retina scans, bodily, organic specimens and behavioral traits, together with their evaluation, signatures, handwriting or every other take a look at. Allows underneath Section 53A.

Under the provisions of the invoice, any individual convicted, arrested, or detained underneath any preventive detention legislation is required to supply “measurements” to a police officer or jail officer. It is claimed that the Bill repeals the prevailing ‘The Identification of Prisoners Act, 1920’.

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