Dehydration can cause many diseases in the physique; Whatever

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Dehydration can cause many diseases in the physique; Whatever, Now the temperature is steadily growing. This is why the warmth is growing. During the summer time, individuals typically have a dehydration downside. If it’s not handled on time, it can be deadly. According to medical doctors, dehydration happens as a consequence of lack of water in the physique. This can result in sudden dizziness, lack of urination, complications, and dry mouth. Dehydration will increase physique temperature. It additionally impacts the mind. Therefore, it is very important maintain the physique water free and to drink water at common intervals. Always carry a water bottle with you. Drink lemon juice a couple of times a day. You have dizziness or extreme Headache If there’s, do not ignore it. Contact a health care provider instantly.

Dr Kamalajit Singh Kainth, Senior Physician, stated, “In the summer time, sweat comes out of the physique. Adequate quantity of water is required to regulate physique temperature. But the danger of dehydration will increase when water is scarce. Because of this, many diseases can happen in the physique. BP doesn’t keep underneath management due to dehydration. Sometimes muscle ache additionally happens. Lack of water reduces urination. This can then result in kidney associated diseases. It is necessary that there isn’t any scarcity of water in the physique. Drink loads of water for this. Eat inexperienced greens and water-rich fruits in the morning. To alleviate water shortages, keep away from buttermilk, milk, yogurt and tea and occasional.

Vomiting and Loose Motion

This season, persons are hospitalized for the cause of vomiting and lack of movement, in accordance with Dr. Dawson. Kamalajit Singh Kainth stated. In the case of any such concern shouldn’t be reckless. Because vomiting and lack of movement imply that there’s a lack of water in the physique. This can result in dehydration. This downside is extra frequent in newborns and older adults. That is why it’s essential to pay particular consideration to younger kids throughout the summer time.

Symptoms of dehydration


Severe headache

Yellow urine

Dry pores and skin

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