Do you end up crying after intercourse? They may be tears of joy

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Have you discovered your self crying after intercourse? If sure, you are usually not alone. Here are numerous explanation why you might be going through this.

Sex can imply various things to everybody, and whereas it might spark pleasure and joy when you take pleasure in a steamy sesh along with your associate, it might additionally carry tears to your eyes. Confused? Well, don’t be! That’s as a result of crying is a pure bodily response to intense feelings and it’s completely regular to end up crying after intercourse, says sex-positive content material creator Leeza Mangaldas.

There might be numerous explanation why this occurs. Here’s what she writes, “The phenomenon of crying after sex even has a name; it’s sometimes called post-coital tristesse (tristesse means sadness in French) or post-coital dysphoria — and although these words suggest feelings of distress — some people do cry post-coital happy tears too.”

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Crying helps regulate our feelings and reduces stress— it’s one of the physique’s methods of dealing with and releasing intense emotions.

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Here are some explanation why we end up crying after intercourse

1. Happiness

If you are deeply in love along with your associate, the intercourse can typically be an intense and emotional expertise for each of you. If you haven’t had intercourse for some time or anticipated it for lengthy, that is more likely to occur.

2. You are overwhelmed

It might additionally be that you had essentially the most pleasurable expertise, and you are too overwhelmed now. You may be role-playing or fantasizing about intercourse, or it might be another state of affairs that features a roller-coaster of feelings. The flurry of feelings can depart you feeling an excessive amount of at a given level! But belief us, it’s fairly regular.

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3. Pain

Sometimes, penetrative intercourse may trigger rather a lot of ache. It might be as a consequence of lack of lubrication, irritation within the genitals, eczema or different pores and skin circumstances, or different congenital abnormalities. In case sex is painful for you and it occurs regularly, seek the advice of a physician.

4. Shame or guilt

It is kind of attainable that your sexual expertise introduced again sure trauma from the previous. It might additionally be that you have emotions of disgrace or guilt connected to intercourse, and when it occurred, they overpowered you. Do not fear and search the assistance of a specialist quickly.

What to do if you cry after intercourse?

Here’s what Mangaldas says, “Let’s be kind and gentle with each other if we do find ourselves or our partners feeling emotionally overwhelmed after sex. Sex can involve a lot of vulnerability for many — it’s okay to process the emotions sex might make us feel.”

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