Does not remember the faults and omissions of the devotees, Shri Ram is satisfied with the true love within the devotees.

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Motivational Quotes, Chaupai, ramcharitmanas : Tulsi Baba does not tire of telling the generosity of Lord Shri Ram. The reward of Shri Ram’s character has been achieved in a really stunning manner. He mentioned that the Lord solely sees the love within his devotees. Goswami ji says that my sin is so heavy that I’m afraid to know it, however God has mercy. The feeling is that the Lord does not hold any details about the mistake of the devotee, he repeatedly remembers the devotion of the coronary heart of the devotee, as a result of he loves devotion. To make a mistake is a karma. The which means of saying is that if you’re spoiled by phrases and deeds, however if you’re good in thoughts, then Shri Ram ji turns into glad.

Too a lot pretense.
Listen agh narkahun naak sakori..
Samjhi saham mohi updar apne apne.
So Sudhi Ram is not a dream.

This is my huge brashness and fault, listening to my sin, even hell has shriveled its nostril, that is, there is no place for me even in hell. Realizing this, I’m afraid of my very own concern, however even in my dream, when Lord Shri Ramchandra lived, I did not take note of this insolence and fault of mine.

Listened to the commentary and wished to style it properly.
Bhagati Mori Mati Swami Appreciated.
Kahat nasai hoi hello niki.
Rijat Ram Janani Jan ji.

My Lord Shri Ramchandra ji, after listening to this, seeing and inspecting it with his clever eye, praised my devotion and intelligence on the opposite. Because even when I am going flawed in saying that, that is, even when I hold calling myself a servant of God, however there ought to be goodness in my coronary heart. In my coronary heart, contemplating myself not worthy to be his servant, I think about myself to be sinner and humble. Shri Ramchandra ji additionally agrees to know the good situation of Das’s coronary heart.

Don’t fear that the Lord’s thoughts has made a mistake.
Kart surti time bar hai ki .
Jehin agh badheu byadh jimmy bali.
Phir sukantha soi kinhi kuchali..

The thoughts of the Lord does not remember the errors and omissions dedicated by his devotees, he forgets them and retains on remembering the goodness of his coronary heart 100 occasions. Due to the sin for which he had killed Vali like a huntsman, Sugriva once more did the identical mischief.

Soi Karuti Bibhishan Kerry.
Sapne hun so na ram hello hari.
Te Bharathi bhavat sanmane.
Raghubir Bakhane in the Rajya Sabha.

Vibhishana had achieved the identical factor, however Shri Ramchandra ji did not assume of it in his thoughts even in his dream. On the opposite, at the time of assembly Bharat ji, Shri Raghunath ji revered him and praised his qualities in the Raj Sabha additionally.

Prabhu taru tar kapi dar however te ke you ke apu.
Tulsi kahun na ram se sahib sealnidhan .

Lord Shri Ram is below the tree and on the monkey department, that is, the place is Maryada Purushottam Ramji and the place the monkeys leaping on the branches of timber. But he additionally made such monkeys like himself. Tulsidas ji says that there is no modest Nidhan Swami like Shri Ram ji anyplace.

Ram is nikai ravari hai sabhi ko neek.
Jaun this mildew is all the time neko tulsiq..

Oh Shri Ram! Everyone is benefited by your goodness, that is, your benevolent nature is helpful to all. If this is true, then there’ll all the time be welfare of Tulsidas additionally.

Ehi bidhi nij guna dosha kahi sahi bahuri siru nai.
Barnaum Raghubar Bisad Jasu Suni Kali Kalush Nasai ..

In this manner, by stating my deserves and demerits and renewing everybody’s head, I describe the pure fame of Shri Raghunath ji, by listening to which the sins of Kaliyuga are destroyed.

Ram Naam glory is above Nirguna and Saguna chanting of Ram Naam removes all sorrows

Sumiri Pawansut Pavan Namu… Hanuman ji subdued Shri Ram by chanting the name of Ram

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