Does women’s interest in sex go down after 40? Find out here

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Turning 40? Does that imply no sexual activity anymore? Maybe not! Read 7 myths round sex and ageing here.

Getting older doesn’t imply saying goodbye to sex. Though society tends to carry the concept that ageing folks might not carry out or take pleasure in sex in comparison with youthful folks, however hey, it’s bodily potential for the aged to be sexually lively. There are not any boundaries to it. Your sexual needs aren’t imagined to fade away along with your age. It is such frequent myths and misconceptions round sex and ageing that we’re here to interrupt for you in the present day.

HealthShots spoke to Dr Sanjay Kumavat, Consultant Psychiatrist and Sexologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, to get to learn about some frequent myths round sex and ageing.

Here are myths round sex and ageing:

Myth 1: Beyond 40, interest in sex goes down

Fact: Sex will not be sure to the younger technology solely! According to Dr Kumavat, “It’s not the age but overall satisfaction in sexual life depends upon the quality of the relationship the partners possess, about the bond that they share with each other.” Though ageing physique might face some bodily issues and decline sexual functioning, however the want and the interest stay the identical. To keep sexually lively, keep bodily lively!

Myth 2: Women’s interest is affected by psychological components solely

Fact: In older folks, a sexual relationship will be affected by each bodily and psychological adjustments in the physique. So, psychological components have an effect on girls’s interest in sex, however a serious position is performed by hormones. For instance, low estrogen can result in vaginal dryness, inflicting painful intercourse. In reality, “there are some whose interest increases in sex after menopause and also due to hormonal imbalance,” says Dr Kumavat

Myth 3: Woman loses her means to orgasm with ageing

Fact: First of all, a much less intense orgasm doesn’t imply you’re dropping your interest in sex or dropping your means to take pleasure in sex. Less intense is typically a problem among the many youthful technology as effectively. It will not be sure by age. All men and women no matter their age, can obtain or take pleasure in orgasm. However, age-related hormone fluctuations, particularly throughout menopause, may cause low libido, making it robust so that you can attain orgasm.

Orgasm can assist you enhance your sleep. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Myth 4: As man ages, he loses his capability to get a penile erection

Fact: The erection of the penis is unbiased of the age issue. In many instances, males who face erection difficulties could also be affected by medical circumstances similar to hypertension, diabetes, circulatory issues, and different well being circumstances which may intervene with the blood movement to the penis. In addition, in line with Dr Kumavat, “A drop in hormone levels can also cause some functional changes, leading to problems in achieving erections. At the most, a man may need more physical stimulation for the desired erection.”

Myth 5: Inability to get an erection is an emotional drawback

Fact: No, it’s a delusion! Actually bodily causes similar to circulation issues, prostate issues, and unwanted effects related to prescription treatment are the potential causes at this age vary are extra prevalent.

Myth 6: Masturbation diminishes sexual erection in later ages!

Fact: This is an attention-grabbing delusion, many individuals maintain blaming themselves for this. But masturbation can enhance sexual pleasure, each with or with out a associate, says Dr Kumavat. For girls, it helps maintain vaginal tissues moist & elastic and boosts hormone ranges, which fuels sex drive.

sex and ageingMasturbate or meditate, each will calm your thoughts! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Myth 7: Older folks shouldn’t have sex!

Fact: Don’t fall for this delusion. Many folks even consider having sex after a sure age is harmful. But that’s not true. As we’ve already mentioned, sex doesn’t belong to the younger technology solely. So, you’re at any age take pleasure in sex in the event you’re bodily match and wholesome with none well being points which may make it tougher so that you can have sex.

So, maintain your self knowledgeable with the correct data and revel in your sex life!

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