Ever wondered what will happen if you consume too much iron? Take a look at these side effects

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Iron is a crucial nutrient, nonetheless, consuming it in extra might end in harming your well being and physique. Read on to know the side effects of overconsumption of iron.

Consuming an extra quantity of something can wreak havoc along with your well being and may end up in a number of well being points. The similar goes for iron. It’s a vital mineral that your physique wants for correct immune and respiratory features, together with boosting power metabolism. So that merely means you want iron on a day by day foundation. However, there are some individuals who cope with iron deficiency because of the low quantity of iron consumption. Whereas iron deficiency can result in anaemia and fatigue, consuming giant portions of it is usually not a good thought. Yes, simply because iron is necessary, it doesn’t imply you will eat an extreme quantity of it. Because overconsumption of iron may end up in sure side effects.

The golden rule of consuming any nutrient is sticking to the best amount. Hari Lakshmi, marketing consultant dietitian and nutritionist, Motherhood Hospital, Alwarpet, Chennai, spoke to HealthShots in regards to the side effects of getting too much iron.

Excess iron in your physique will be harmful. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Read why iron is a crucial nutrient

“Iron is an essential part of a healthy diet. It forms a crucial element of haemoglobin which is found in the red blood cells. Haemoglobin levels are extremely important as it determines the supply of oxygen to the cells in our body,” stated Lakshmi.

He provides, “Though iron is useful and plays an essential role in many basic body functions, it can be harmful when consumed in high amounts. In fact, the digestive tract tightly regulates the amount of iron absorbed as excess iron absorption can be toxic. The hormone Hepcidin controls iron absorption and is responsible for keeping the stored iron in the body at a balanced level. But it gets out of track when you consume an excessive amount of iron.”

Read what extra consumption of iron can result in

1. Iron toxicity

When you take excessive doses of iron dietary supplements for a lengthy time period or in a single overdose, iron poisoning happens. Its signs can embrace nausea, stomachache, vomiting, and diarrhoea. Excess iron amassed over time within the physique may trigger injury to organs just like the liver and mind. In that case, instant medical consideration is required.

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2. Hereditary hemochromatosis

This is a genetic dysfunction the place the physique absorbs too much iron leading to iron overload. “People with this condition need to be extremely careful about their iron intake as it can have some serious health effects. Iron deposit in the liver can lead to cirrhosis and if it is deposited in the pancreas it can lead to diabetes as well,” stated Lakshmi.

overconsumption of ironDiabetes will be a signal of extra iron in your physique. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

If you have this situation, cut back the consumption of iron-rich meals and in addition keep away from combining meals excessive in vitamin C with iron-rich objects. If left untreated this situation will increase the danger of ailments like arthritis, liver points, most cancers, and coronary heart issues.

3. Infections

There are research that present that extra iron within the physique may make you vulnerable to bacterial infections. Therefore, sufferers who’ve a excessive threat of infections ought to management and regulate their iron consumption.

Iron overconsumption doesn’t present signs within the preliminary stage so watch out and consume it moderately.

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