Fact Check China’s video of a plane crash that went viral is not China; What is the truth behind this?

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Viral Video of China Flight Fall

China’s Plane Crash crashes in southern China on Monday. The information was surprising and shortly social media was flooded with posts about the incident. In the meantime, a video known as “Last Recorded in Flight” has surfaced on social media. However, this video The fall of China’s aircraftThe Hindustan Times carried out a truth test and reported that it was not two. Boeing 737 crashes in South China. It was one of the final moments recorded on the plane. Probably a single second. The viewer’s discretion is suggested. #planecrash #Boeing #China is a video shared with a tweet that is viral. The tweet posted on March 21 has been retweeted greater than 200 occasions to this point.

Fact test:

However, this video is not associated to the latest plane crash in China and the info shared with it is false. This video is truly an Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed on March 10, 2019. This video is a simulation for those who pay shut consideration to it. It is clear that this is not the precise video recorded inside the plane. You may also see the brand of the plane in the video.
The plane brand in the video is from Ethiopian Airlines.

A search on Google reveals that the brand belongs to Ethiopian Airlines, the plane that crashed on Monday belongs to China Eastern Airlines. When you search the key phrases “Ethiopian Airlines Crash Simulation” on YouTube, the video that got here up is viral. “Ethiopia Plane Crash, Fall After Ethiopia Airlines B737 MAX Takeoff, Addis Ababa Airport [XP11]A video titled “,” was posted on March 11, 2019.

The video of the viral video can now be seen on social media after the 9.21th minute of the video.

The video’s description on YouTube is: “This is not exactly what happened. It was an Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302 plane crash.” According to the BBC, the Ethiopian Airlines jet fell on March 10, 2019 shortly after take-off from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. No one survived the flight of 157 folks.

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