Fasting this Navratri? Keep these 9 tips in mind to stay healthy

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Every yr throughout Navratri, devotees quick all through this Hindu pageant in order to pray to Goddess Durga. During this pageant, some individuals maintain a quick for simply the primary one to two days and the final one to two whereas others maintain it for all 9 days of the pageant. Fasting just isn’t solely considered auspicious throughout Navratri; it is usually a incredible method to detoxify your physique as a result of it aids in flushing out dangerous toxins. However, due to the dietary adjustments, fasting may additionally make you torpid or drained. Let us share some Navratri fasting tips for you!

Tips for Navratri fasting

It is essential to preserve a healthy power stage throughout fasting in order for you to benefit from the pageant. Therefore, in case you are fasting throughout Navratri, you want to bear in mind a couple of key factors.

Health Shots spoke to Anupama Menon, an authorized nutritionist and meals coach from Bengaluru, who curated a fasting meal plan that’ll enable you stay match and advantageous throughout Navratri fasting.

Here are 9 tips to put together your meal for Navratri fasting:

1. Fasting window

Maintain a 14 to 16 hours fasting window on a regular basis and eat in the remaining hours. A preferred intermittent fasting instance is the 16/8 methodology. It encompasses a each day 16-hour quick and an 8-hour consuming window whereby you’ll be able to match in 2, 3, or extra meals. You may additionally do a 14 hours fasting window for six days and 16 hours fasting window for 3 days.

2. Eating window

It is straightforward, protected, and sustainable to do 16/8. Once you enter in your consuming window, maintain a niche of not more than 2.5 hours between 2 meals, whether or not the meals are large/small.

Eat healthy whereas fasting. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Eat healthy

When you eat first in the morning after a 14 or 16-hour window, be sure you eat an excellent meal, for instance, sabudana khichdi or kuttu atta paratha made with potato with a glass of milk/buttermilk. You can even eat fruits that can assist detoxify your physique. Try not to have any sugar at this meal.

4. Staying hydrated is important

Keeping your self hydrated whereas fasting could be very important because it may scale back starvation pangs considerably. Not solely this, ingesting water can assist beat fatigue and even fainting due to quick. Always maintain a water bottle with your self and maintain sipping well timed.

5. Cold milk for acidity

Nine days of fasting will certainly assist to detoxify your physique however eating regimen adjustments whereas fasting can lead to acidity or constipation in some individuals. To take care of it, drink chilly milk and maintain acidity at bay. You can drink it at round 4 pm or then at night time might assist. You can even add lemonade or curd in your eating regimen to take care of this drawback.

6. Fruits for fibre

Due to fasting, we have a tendency to eat extra snacks. But attempt to stick to healthy snacks solely similar to fruits. 2-3 servings of fruit not solely maintain you hydrated but in addition offers fibre which helps bowel motion. Include fruits like banana, papaya, apple and citrus fruits like orange. Lemon juice all through the day is a good suggestion, particularly for the absorption of iron from meals.

navratri fasting tips
Eating fibre-rich meals is advisable. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Add sugar however in limits

Once in 2-3 days a bowl or a serving of one thing candy will fulfill your style buds and can also assist enhance poor power due to dipping sugar ranges. It performs in your mind that you’re fasting – it additionally helps to take away that potential feeling of deprivation. So, a bowl of makhana kheer or sabudana kheer may very well be nice! Remember to devour it in moderation.

8. Nuts for fat

Finally your good fat – be sure you are having a handful of unsalted nuts in the course of the day together with almonds, walnuts, pistachio To open your quick in the morning earlier than breakfast, including one or two teaspoons of ghee/chilly pressed coconut oil is one of the best concept. You may additionally add unsweetened dry fruits like dates/figs/raisins to your day. Since this eating regimen is zero on veggies, in a single day soaked dry fruits may assist with the intestine.

navratri fasting tips
Eat nuts to get healthy fat. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

9. Coconut water

To add style to your meals gadgets, when consuming desk salt is restricted in the fasting eating regimen, sendha namak, also referred to as rock salt, can assist. Apart from this, consuming coconut water/banana someday in the course of the day is a good suggestion.

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