Gold prices rise again in Weekend Here’s Sunday’s pricing detail

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Bangalore: Over the past few years there has been a steady rise Gold rate, Has been a let down for jewelry lovers. So of course gold lovers are waiting for the price to drop after the goodies season begins. But ironically, the result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict is that gold prices have been rising in recent times.

By the morning of Sunday, March 13, gold in the country was priced at ₹ 5,280. Documented. 1g (24 carat) gold in Bangalore costs ₹ 5,280. With that the gold rate has risen again.
Gold is not touched! Gold Rate Audience Shock Here’s the price detail for this day
The price of 10 grams (22 carats) of gold in the state capital, Bangalore, was set at Rs 48,400 this morning. The price of 10 gram gold (24 carat) in Bangalore was Rs 52,800.

Silver rate
The price of silver in the country today stood at ₹ 70,300 per kg. One kg of silver in Bangalore costs ₹ 74,700. There is. Silver is uniform in many places, except some cities around the country. , 74,700 in Chennai, Vijayawada, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. Is scheduled.

Gold prices in major cities are as follows:
Bangalore: ₹ 48,400 (22 carats) – ₹ 52,800 (24 carats)
Chennai: ₹ 48,940 (22 carats) – ₹ 53,390 (24 carats)
Delhi: ₹ 48,400 (22 carats) – ₹ 52,800 (24 carats)
Hyderabad: ₹ 48,400 (22 carats) – ₹ 52,800 (24 carats)

Kolkata: ₹ 48,400 (22 carats) – ₹ 52,800 (24 carats)
Mangalore: ₹ 48,400 (22 carats) – ₹ 52,800 (24 carats)
Mumbai: ₹ 48,400 (22 carats) – ₹ 52,800 (24 carats)
Mysore: ₹ 48,400 (22 carats) – ₹ 52,800 (24 carats)

Overall, yellow metal prices have risen in major cities of the country by this morning, while silver prices have continued to rise in some areas.

The price of gold and silver is determined on the basis of international trend, import duty on gold and rupee against the dollar. Here you can find out every day how much gold and silver are in your cities today.

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