Hair care tips for festive season: 7 styling mistakes you must avoid for damage-free hair

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The festive season provides everybody an opportunity to doll up and costume up in ethnic put on. But garments aren’t the one factor you’ve obtained to fashion. From your magnificence regime, which incorporates to pores and skin care and make-up to hair styling and hair care, you’ve obtained to take care of all of it. If you select to place your crowning glory via warmth styling, chemical therapies and sweat-inducing dance periods, you higher take care of your hair earlier than it feels broken! As Navratri and Durga Puja celebrations are on in full swing, listed below are a number of hair care mistakes to avoid in festive season.

Health Shots reached out to movie star dermatologist Dr Jaishree Sharad to know among the frequent hair care mistakes ladies are inclined to make throughout this time of the yr.

Be it hair rollers, hair straightening, crimping, perming, hair sprays, hair color or some other hair therapies – ladies use numerous methods to fashion their mane. But whereas you surprise methods to fashion your hair throughout the festive and wedding ceremony season, you also needs to fear about methods to avoid hair injury.

Heat styling hair could be damaging. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Note these necessary hair care tips and save your tresses from being uncovered to the side effects of heat styling and extra.

7 hair care mistakes to avoid in festive season

1. Temporary hair straightening

Whatever the event be, avoid utilizing non permanent warmth straightening strategies to iron out your hair. According to Dr Sharad, “Temporary heat straightening using flat iron and hair dryers causes breakage of hydrogen bonds. It involves opening of helical structure of hair shaft and relaxing it. These heat tools causes dehydration of hair.” Clearly, that is dangerous and this hair care mistake ought to undoubtedly be averted.

2. Missing warmth protectant

Using a warmth styling product with out making use of a warmth protectant? It’s a no-no for your hair. Dr Sharad explains, “Missing out heat protectant cream, spray or serum is the most common hair care mistakes people do before doing heat styling procedures like temporary straightening or curling.” If you’re questioning what a warmth safety product actually does, the consultants shares that it types a barrier safety in opposition to warmth, decreasing the diploma of harm to hair.

tips to use heat styling products
A cooler temperature could also be higher than scorching air when you blow dry hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. High warmth setting

Before you change on that hair dryer or straightener, examine the warmth setting. Using warmth styling gear on most warmth setting is a typical hair care mistake we commit due to last-minute rush. But it could have long-term ramifications for your hair well being. “High temperature may denature hair shaft protein. You should use low or medium heat setting to reduce hair damage,” says Dr Sharad.

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4. Frequent blow drying

Yes, we all know there could also be a number of occasions to attend, however you ought to avoid frequent blow drying of hair. Blow drying your hair causes dehydration of hair in addition to hair breakage, Dr Sharad cautions.

5. Using extra stress on hair throughout warmth styling

If and when you use a warmth styling product, you’ve obtained to watch out. The professional warns in opposition to utility of extreme rigidity as it may trigger breakage of hair. You also needs to avoid repeatedly warmth straightening the identical hair strands and protecting the warmth gear on the identical place for extended time frame.

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straighten hair
Avoid an excessive amount of stress in your hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Skipping deep conditioning and nourishing remedy

This is without doubt one of the largest hair care mistakes you ought to avoid. “Blow drying and flat iron used for straightening causes dehydration of hair,” she says.

7. Tying hair again tightly

A ponytail or a bun could seem match for your look, however it may additionally trigger your hairline to recede over time, says Dr Sharad. “You should tie hair loosely and try different hair hairstyles which will not pull your hair back,” she provides.

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