Hair dusting is the ultimate solution for split ends! Here’s how it can help

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Facing hair issues corresponding to hair loss or broken or split ends can be cumbersome. They sign in direction of our poor hair care habits. That doesn’t imply it’s important to splurge on costly therapies at the salon usually. But even a easy hair care routine can help you give your hair the care it deserves and desires. You’ve most likely heard that getting common trims is the finest method to keep wholesome hair as a result of they help to take away split ends and scale back breakage. But what if we are saying that there is a method to lower these useless ends with out saying goodbye to your valuable tresses? Well, say howdy to the hair dusting technique!

Curious about what is it and how can it help? Let’s discover out!

Well, hair dusting is a brand new method, mainly a hair slicing technique! It helps to get you longer hair with out split ends, particularly should you don’t wish to compromise on the size of your hair by getting hair trimming.

What is hair dusting?

“Hair dusting aims to preserve your hair length and volume by removing the unhealthy split ends. Split ends don’t cure on their own, and the only way to get rid of them is to cut them off. In hair dusting, the split ends are removed strand by strand, removing only the damaged parts. Hence, the name dusting,” Dr Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist, and Dermato-Surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics, tells Health Shots.

Hair dusting can help keep hair size! Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Simply put, in the case of hair trimming, you often lose inches of your hair size. But in the case of hair dusting, it solely takes off your hair’s size by round 1 / 4 inch or much less.

Hair dusting is appropriate for all hair varieties. Here are its benefits:

1. It makes hair extra manageable by eradicating the pesky flyaways and making styling straightforward.
2. Dusting prevents the split ends from increasing up the hair size. If your hair is split at many locations, it can trigger breakage.
3. It is extra environment friendly and economical than getting the size shortening trim. By getting hair dusting achieved you can improve the time hole between cuts.
4. Unlike trimming, you can save your hair size by dusting your hair.
5. Dusting is additionally very useful for these with curly hair, since dusting doesn’t drastically shorten hair.

How typically must you get hair dusting?

You ought to trim your hair each three months, in accordance with consultants. A full trim takes away a minimal of 1–2 inches of hair’s size. But as a result of together with unhealthy hair, it additionally takes loads of hair length. Here, you can strive hair dusting. In case of hair dusting, it is suggested to mud it each 6 to eight weeks to maintain your hair wanting wholesome and joyful.

hair dusting
Enjoy split ends free hair dusting. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Although everybody’s hair is completely different, you would possibly have to mud your split ends extra steadily should you use type instruments or have skinny hair that is extra susceptible to wreck. Keep in thoughts that dusting your hair solely serves to take care of it by eradicating split ends. However, this technique doesn’t emphasise hair styling.

Hair dusting method

Dr Kapoor says, “The procedure is very simple. The first step is smoothening the hair to make the damage visible, and then the expert will just snip off the damaged split ends. If your hair is very prone to split ends, then you might need to get it dusted more frequently.” Your hair stylist will information you for the time to return in for hair dusting.

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