If you’re hitting menopause, be ready to face these 6 vaginal problems

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Experiencing vaginal points throughout menopause is frequent as a result of menopause leads to low estrogen ranges which may end up in many modifications and problems down there.

Menopause is inevitable in each girl’s life. And it may possibly be a loopy journey stuffed with sizzling flashes, sleep problems, temper points and extra, for some. From your first durations to your final, your vaginal well being goes by means of numerous ups and downs. In reality, vaginal points throughout menopause solely enhance. If you might be eager to know in regards to the vaginal points you might be probably to face, you might be on the proper place.

HealthShots spoke to Dr Swati Gaikwad, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospital, Pune, to be taught in regards to the vaginal points which might happen in the course of the menopause stage.

Here are 6 vaginal points brought on by menopause:

1. Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a standard incidence and it may possibly happen at any age. This situation can weaken your vaginal pores and skin well being and might trigger your vagina to undergo. If you’re in your menopausal stage, it’s a frequent symptom of it. Dr Gaikwad stated, “Your vagina can get dry and dehydrated if you are nearing or into your menopause. This is a common problem seen in many women.” Moreover, this may even disturb your stability of excellent micro organism down there, inviting yeast infections. However, you possibly can drink enough water or use a superb moisturizer down there to stop dryness.

Vaginal itching may be a symptom of vaginal dryness. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Burning sensation whereas urinating

Does it burn whenever you pee? If you’ve got been experiencing a burning sensation each time you want to attend the character’s name, it’s essential to know that that is additionally a standard downside throughout menopause. (*6*) stated Dr Gaikwad. If you might be experiencing the persistent urge to urinate and expertise ache whereas urinating, see your physician instantly as a result of it may possibly have an effect on your kidney and reproductive well being.

Apart from this, should you’re not in your menopausal stage, then the situation is medically referred to as dysuria. And this may even lead to ache whereas urinating. So, seek the advice of together with your physician.

3. Painful intercourse

“Due to menopause, the vagina may feel to expand to accommodate the penis causing painful sex,” stated Dr Gaikwad. Women in menopause additionally lose curiosity in intercourse due to the low estrogen ranges which may end up in dryness and thinning of vaginal tissues, making penetration and intercourse uncomfortable for a lot of ladies. This can lead to vaginal tightness additionally, which makes intercourse painful. Try to use a superb lubricant whereas having intercourse.

4. Tight vagina

Low estrogen ranges in your physique means much less lubrication due to which your vaginal lining can turn into skinny and fewer stretchy. It occurs as a result of the vagina and vulva turn into shortened and tighter on the opening. In reality, in some circumstances, ladies can also really feel vaginal tightness throughout intercourse in menopausal age together with ache, burning, and soreness.

5. Urinary tract infections (UTI)

During menopause, ladies expertise a drop in estrogen ranges and bodily modifications to the vaginavulva, and vaginal opening, which might trigger signs like dryness and urinary tract infections. UTI is an an infection of the urinary system and it’s signs embrace, dryness, painful urination, frequent urination, itching, and ache in your facet or decrease again. However it may possibly be handled, UTIs can be bothersome additionally and should require quick medical consideration. Remember, when it comes to your well being, you can not take it flippantly in any respect. Always preserve your vagina dry and clear to preserve infections at bay.

vaginal issues during menopauseWomen are extra susceptible to UTIs due to how their bladder system works. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Vaginitis

Vaginal atrophy (atrophic vaginitis) is a situation when your vaginal partitions get dry, skinny, and infected due to the decreased estrogen ranges in your physique. Dr Gaikwad stated, “After menopause, reduced estrogen levels can cause atrophic vaginitis, which is quite troublesome.” Vaginal discharge, itching burning, discomfort, and powerful odour are a number of the signs that include vaginitis.

“Menopausal women need to take utmost care of their vaginal health. Try to take prompt action if you have vaginitis. One should not neglect the problem,” added Dr Gaikwad.

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