In which countries are some 28 million refugees fleeing Ukraine?

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Refugees fleeing Ukraine

More than 28 million Ukrainian refugees have fled to totally different countries from February 24 to March 14, in accordance with a report launched by the United Nations on Monday. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) says that 28,08,792 refugees have fled Ukraine, leaving 1,10,152 refugees in a single day on Sunday, the biggest variety of refugees leaving their nation since World War II.

UNICEF says a couple of million kids have left the Ukraine seeking safety and safety, saying that these kids now want peace of thoughts.

According to the primary estimate of the UNHCR, the variety of refugees leaving the Ukraine ought to exceed 40 million. But final week in an announcement, the quantity was anticipated to extend.

Before the outbreak of battle, the full inhabitants of all of the provinces beneath the federal government of Ukraine was 3 billion 70 million (37 million), excluding the jap provinces of Crimea and the so-called Russian territories.

“People are leaving the war-torn Ukraine every minute,” the UN Immigration International Organization (IOM) stated.

Some 1,27,000 residents, primarily college students and migrant employees, belong to the two.8 million fleeing Ukraine, the IOM stated.

It is claimed that many refugees who’ve traveled to the seven neighboring countries of Ukraine will journey to different countries, particularly Western Europe.

The UNHCR has offered an outline of the place refugees have moved from Ukraine.


Of the ten refugees in Ukraine, six have taken refuge in Poland, in accordance with figures offered by the UNHCR. Similarly, 1000’s of (*28*) are returning to their homeland each day to combat for his or her nation and to take their grownup family who nonetheless stay in Ukraine to Poland.

Before the battle started, some 15 million (*28*) lived in Poland, most of them employed.

In different countries of Europe

According to a UNHCR report, as of Friday, 3,04,156 refugees had fled to European countries within the Ukraine neighborhood.


About 2,55,29 refugees have reached Hungary. The nation has 5 border posts with Ukraine and some areas near the war-torn areas, together with Zahoni. Jahani’s native administration has turned a number of public buildings into refugee facilities.

About 2,04,862 refugees have sought refuge in Slovakia. On Thursday, 8,882 refugees entered Slovakia, the closest border to Ukraine.


1,31,365 refugees have fled to Russia. In addition, between February 18 and 23, about 96,000 folks entered the Russian border from the pro-Russian Donetsk and Lugansk provinces.


Many refugees have additionally gone to Moldova, which has a inhabitants of about 26 million and is likely one of the poorest European countries. According to a UNHCR report, 1,06,994 folks have gone to Moldova. Moldova, a non-European nation, stated 2,97,728 folks got here from Ukraine.


While the UNHCR has no document of refugees looking for refuge on this nation, a March 8 assertion stated 86,671 folks had crossed the border into Ukraine and arrived in Romania.

Issuing an announcement on Monday, Bucharest stated 4,12,017 folks had crossed its border and traveled to different European countries. On Thursday, 14,475 (*28*) entered Romania.


The UNHCR says about 1,226 refugees have sought refuge in Belarus.

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