Joe Biden as American First Lady, from boyfriend to Kamala Harris; The audience floated in laughter

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Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden, in a program, has mistakenly referred to US Vice President Kamala Harris as “America’s First Lady.” The crowd at Joe Biden’s assembly floated in laughter. Joe Biden While addressing the White House Equal Pay Day program, Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris addressed First Lady, explaining why she didn’t attend the occasion. All the folks in the auditorium snort out loud.

“The first lady’s husband has been infected by Kovid, and this has changed a little bit about who he is on this stage,” stated US President Joe Biden. When some folks on the stage informed Joe Biden that the American first woman’s husband meant Corona got here to you, he instantly reprimanded her and laughed and stated the primary woman was wholesome.

The video, which was shared on Twitter, has garnered greater than 3 lakh views. This video is now viral. 79-year-old Joe Biden made an analogous mistake on the Equal Pay Day Program on the White House in the US.

Last 12 months, US vice chairman Kamala Harris made an analogous mistake by calling her “President Harris”.

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