Kama kasturi: Summer is coming, and if you have a burning urine, use it!

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If you have burning urine, use it!

Summer is simply starting. Known for its fragrant aroma, it is often known as lust musk, sabja seeds, and sabjal plant in rural language. Sabza in Hindi and Urdu.

The leaves of the Kama musk plant belong to the Tulsi selection and include important oil content material of methyl cinnamate and turfinin. Kamakasturi has many medicinal properties. Its seeds are wealthy in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B6. If there are these kamma musk vegetation within the entrance yard of the home, the aroma shall be perfumed when the vegetation are handed by. Snakes do not even come residence. Cattle don’t eat this plant. There are nonetheless advantages of Basil Seeds:

  1. Doodh Cool Drinks are used within the Royal Faluda. To relieve irritation, soak the Kama musk seeds in water and drink two teaspoons of water within the morning.
  2. Kama musk is additionally helpful for weight reduction. Kama musk leaves can be utilized for tea. Eight to 10 drops of Kama musk leaf juice needs to be given to youngsters’s abdomen worms.
  3. Chutney is made with mint leaves and inexperienced ginger like mint leaves to alleviate indigestion. For chilly cough, you can drink kaddi decoction (KaDe) together with 5 leaves of Kama musk and uncooked ginger.
  4. Oral deodorant could be eaten by Kama musk leaves for ache within the mouth or by rubbing it with salt.
  5. For muscular ache, add 5 drops of Kama musk leaves, half a teaspoon of ashwagandha powder and dry ginger powder. If constipation and hemorrhoids are current, soak the Kama musk seeds at evening and combine them with sugar within the morning. (Written by S. H. Nadaf)

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