My MIL’s special tomato and rice flour de-tan scrub is all you need to de-tan your skin

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Vacations can typically be actually harsh on your skin. Get rid of all that tanning with this tremendous easy and amazingly efficient tomato and rice flour scrub, and let your skin breathe!

Well, I simply went to Goa and as soon as you return, there is one factor that you get for certain — a lethal tan. Sigh! Hate it or adore it, however you simply can’t ignore it; if you know what I imply. Unfortunately, my tan was so unhealthy that even my useless skin began peeling off.

Of course, I’ve tried these de-tan scrubs however they’re chemical substances on the finish of the day. For my dry and delicate skin, I needed one thing which is way more nourishing. Thankfully, my MIL (mother-in-law) got here to my rescue when she heard of my tanning saga, and her hack labored like a magic capsule. That’s why I needed to share it with all of you, in order that you gained’t wrestle identical to me.

Saasu land special DIY de-tan scrub

You simply need two issues for this de-tan scrub.

  • A tough tomato
  • Rice powder (a teaspoon)

Here’s how you have to use this de-tan scrub

  • Cut the tomato in half
  • On the internal facet of the tomato, sprinkle some rice powder
  • Cleanse the affected skin
  • And gently scrub the tomato on the tanned space
  • After 4 to 5 minutes, rinse it off with regular faucet water
Nourish your sunburnt skin with this scrub. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

And voila! See your tan disappear slowly and steadily. Of course, I used to be weirdly tanned, so I used this scrub twice every week and continued for a month. Trust me after I say this, submit utilizing this tomato and rice powder de-tan scrubmy skin has additionally turned supple.

What makes tomato and rice powder an ideal de-tan scrub?

Well, if I speak about myself then, listed here are some adjustments that I skilled in my skin after utilizing this tomato and rice de-tan scrub:

  • Of course, I noticed a discount in my tanning. This is as a result of tomato is identified to take away useless skin and it’s a tremendous exfoliator as properly. The seeds of the tomato additionally act as an exfoliating agent.
  • You know I’ve all the time heard that tomatoes are a pure sunscreen, however now I imagine it too. After utilizing this de-tan scrub, I’ve been skipping my sunscreen and what I’ve seen is there’s nonetheless no tanning at all. I learn that this is due to lycopene, which is current in tomatoes, and protects your skin from UV rays.
  • Sunburn makes your skin burn and flaky. But if you take the assistance of rice flour, you can save your self from this. Rice flour is identified to soothe the skin and additionally helps calm that burning sensation that I felt after getting tanned.
tomato and rice flour scrubAdd this rice flour and tomato face scrub to your skincare routine to scale back tanning! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Why should you get a de-tan post-beach go to?

If you are like me, who actually doesn’t pay heed to their skin, even when it’s going out of whack, you are in deep trouble. A skincare routine is all the time wanted and when you cross the edge of 30, it turns into all the extra necessary.

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Not getting a de-tan can actually wreck your skin. If not corrected correctly, you can get everlasting scarring on your skin and even pigmentation. And it may be so extreme that medical therapies might be your solely choice.

de-tan scrubCool down your skin with this de-tan scrub. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Also, the injury that tan will trigger to your skin is at occasions irreversible and I neither need it for you nor for me. So, if you are planning a seaside journey, be certain that you step into your residence with these two components to deal with your skin.

Well, my MIL’s trick has finished wonders for me, and I hope the identical for you. I want glad de-tanning to all!

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