Not only almonds, these things also increase the mind, eat yourself and feed the children too

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< p style="text-align: justify;">1- Walnuts- Walnuts wealthy in wonderful vitamins are also thought-about as tremendous meals for mind like almonds. Walnuts are wealthy in alpha-linolenic acid and polyphenolic compounds. Omega-3 fatty acids and polyphenols are each thought-about essential mind meals, as they each battle oxidative stress.

2- Broccoli- Broccoli incorporates vital vitamins like flavonoids, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin-E, iron together with copper. These vitamins can show to be useful in growing the performance of the mind.

3- Cashew- Cashew also helps in sharpening the reminiscence. Being wealthy in poly-saturated and mono-saturated fat, it will be significant for the manufacturing of mind cells and growth of psychological skills.

4- Flaxseed, Pumpkin- Pumpkin and flaxseeds are also thought-about wonderful for mind well being. Pumpkin and flax seeds are wealthy in zinc in addition to magnesium, vitamin B, which develop psychological skills and also sharpen reminiscence

5- Seeds- Seeds Vitamins A, Ok, C, B6, E, Manganese, Calcium,  They are wealthy in iron, zinc and antioxidants, that are useful in enhancing your reminiscence. Chia seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and melon seeds are just some of the seeds that assist in sharpening the thoughts.

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