Oral cancer patients with less circulating tumour cells live longer than those with extra: Study

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Oral cancer patients with less circulating tumour cells live longer than those with extra: Study, A research carried out by a crew of Indian researchers has discovered that oral cancer patients having a lesser variety of circulating tumour cells (CTCs) in blood live longer than patients with a better variety of such cells.

The four-year-long research, among the many largest scientific trials in head and neck cancers wherein 500 patients have been analysed, was led by Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi of Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, Dr Jayant Khandare and a crew of Pune-based Actorius OncoDiscover Technology. “Altogether 152 oral cancer patients were analysed and 1.5 ml blood per patient was monitored for the presence of CTCs,” Khandare informed PTI.

“The study showed that patients with over 20 CTCs per 1.5 ml blood are more likely to have an advanced-stage disease and nodal metastasis (cancer cells breaking away from where they first formed), while patients with less than 12 CTCs per 1.5 ml blood survive for a longer period,” he mentioned.

The research was revealed within the worldwide peer-reviewed Journal Triple OOO lately, he added. As per the nationwide cancer registry, there are about 14 lakh cancer patients in India and about 9 per cent of those (1.2 lakh) are in Maharashtra, Khandare mentioned.

Cancer instances and deaths in Maharashtra have elevated by 11,306 and 5,727, respectively in final three years, a collective enhance of round eight per cent, he added.

The OncoDiscover check, funded by the federal government by way of Biotech Ignition Grant and Small Business Industry Research Initiative of the Department of Biotechnology, is the only real CTC check accredited by Drugs Controller General of India as per the Medical Device Rules 2017, he mentioned.

The check is used to detect CTCs for prognosis of cancers like those of head and neck, breast, lung, colon and rectal, Khandare mentioned. “Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope has evinced an interest in our work and will be visiting our Pune facility soon,” he added.

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