Oscar: These are the only two people in the world to win both the Oscars and the Nobel Prize! Here’s the information

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Oscar: These are the only two people in the world to win both the Oscars and the Nobel Prize! Here’s the information, The debate over the 2022 Oscar has begun worldwide. The 94th Academy Awards ceremony will start on Sunday. The awards ceremony can be held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. That means will probably be watched in India from 5.30am on Monday morning. The occasion will embody making new information once more, and introducing new record-makers to the public. But here’s a file that only a few people know. It is the only one to win both an Oscar and a Nobel Prize. There are only two people in the world who’ve acquired these two prestigious awards! They are George Bernard Shaw and Bob Dylan.

Here are the solutions to these questions: Who and what George Awards got to George Bernard Shaw and Bob Dylan.

Why are the Oscars and Nobel Prizes awarded, let’s perceive that first?

The Nobel Peace Prize is acknowledged as the most prestigious award in the world. It is awarded to those that have carried out particular, excellent and important work in the fields of literature, peace, economics, physics, chemistry, drugs. At the similar time, the Oscar is awarded for distinctive work in the discipline of cinema. It has been introduced in numerous fields associated to cinema. For example- appearing, singing, writing and directing.

George Bernard Shaw and Bob Dylan did such extraordinary issues in their lives that’s the reason they had been honored with the Oscar and Nobel Prize.

George Bernard Shaw

First, let’s study George Bernard Shaw. This is as a result of they are both honored in the first place. Born on July 26, 1856 in Dublin, Ireland, George Bernard Shaw was a critic, political activist and playwright. He has written so much for films. In 1925, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his extraordinary contribution to the discipline of literature.

In 1939, precisely 13 years after receiving the Nobel Prize, he acquired an Oscar for his screenplay of the movie ‘Pygmalion’. It was an awesome file in itself. This file has survived for many years. No different would have achieved such a feat. But in 2016, Bob Dylan of America once more set the similar file.

George Bernard Shaw


George Bernard Shaw

Bob Dylan additionally set a file in 2016

Born in the United States in 1941, Bob Dylan is a songwriter, author and singer by career. Bob got here to mild in the 60s. That was throughout the cultural motion in America. Bob was the voice of the era of that period. Bob’s track ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ in 1965 had an awesome impression on people. Over time, their recognition soared. In 2000, the track “Things Have Changed” from the film ‘Wonder Boys’ was nominated for the Best Original Song class at the Oscars. At the similar time, in 2016, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in the discipline of literature.

Bob Dylen


Bob Dylan

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