Oscars 2022 Winners: Oscar 2022: List of award-winning movies, made by Troy Katsor

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Oscars 2022 Winners: Oscar 2022: List of award-winning movies, made by Troy Katsor, The Oscars, thought-about to be the world’s highest award for cinema, are being offered in the present day.

The Oscars 2022 Awards are being held on the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. Some movies have already been awarded. Actor Troy Katsar has been awarded the Best Supporting Actor Award, thus making historical past.

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Troy Katsar has gained the Best Supporting Actor award for ‘Doon’. He is the second most dumb talker in Oscar historical past. Standing on the stage after receiving the award, his speech in signal language made the Oscars program moist.


Oscars 2022: Here Is The Winners List Update



India’s ‘Writing with Fire’ documentary movie was nominated for an Oscar. But it didn’t get an award. The Summer of Soul gained the Best Documentary Award within the Best Documentary class.

Best Supporting Actress Award He gained the award for ‘West Side Stories’.

‘Doon’ gained the Film Award for Best Sound and Music class. ‘Doon’ cinema has gained many awards in the present day. ‘The Power of Dog’ was nominated within the Cinema 12 class however didn’t win a lot awards.

Coda gained the Best Adapted Screenplay Award. ‘Belfast’ gained the Best Original Screenplay Award.

‘Dune’ gained the Best Cinema Editing Award. The Best Music Award was additionally awarded to ‘Dune’ cinema. Riz Ahmed gained the Best Live Action Short Film Award for his movie The Long Good Bye. ‘The Windshield Viper’ gained the Best Animated Short Film Award. Best Animated Cinema Award for ‘Encanto’.

Japan’s ‘Drive My Car’ gained the Best Foreign Film award. Jenny Bien obtained the Best Costume Award for Cruel.

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