Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif attacked in London Action by Imran Khan party worker

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Nawaz Sharif

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been attacked in London. Sharif was attacked by an activist of Pakistan-e-Insaf (PTI-Imran Khan Party), a party presently ruling in Pakistan, nationwide media stories stated. A police operation has additionally been launched to arrest the accused. The title of the journalist who tweeted was Ahmed Roonani. Fact Focus Reporter for Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif escaped, however his bodyguard was injured.

Imran Khan’s appointment as Prime Minister in Pakistan is imminent. Prime Minister Imran Khan is about to vote for a vote of confidence shortly after. Imran Khan has stated in the previous that he’ll struggle until the final second. If this was the case in some other nation, folks would have protested. You should be on the road too.

Nawaz Sharif’s brother Shehbaz Sharif is the following Prime Minister of Pakistan to be promoted to the submit of Imran Khan. Today Imran Khan Yaw doesn’t win the arrogance vote. Pakistani Muslim League (N) party chief Shehbaz Sharif will likely be promoted to the submit quickly after he resigns, Pakistani media reported. Imran Khan was crucial of Shehbaz yesterday. Shehbaz Sharif will certainly be America’s slave. Shehbaz says beggars are usually not worthy of selection. What does that imply? Are the poor and beggars slaves? Nawaz Sharif sarcastically stated, “Ask near Shehbaz, who brought this fate to Pakistan.”

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