Prashant Kishore talks with Congress again Interested in joining the party rather than working as a consultant

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The New Indian Express

New Delhi: Political strategist Prashant Kishore is in talks with Congress again to debate the risk of working with the party for the Gujarat meeting and the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

There was additionally dialogue about the risk of Kishore joining the Congress. Sources stated that he had already met former Congress president Rahul Gandhi and party basic secretary Priyanka Gandhi. They say Kishore is extra in joining the Congress than working as an election adviser.

Prashant Kishore desires to rejoin the party and reorganize it earlier than going to the polls. “We are confident that everything will work this time,” a senior party chief stated.

Last yr, the Congress rejected Prashant Kishore’s supply to create a basic secretary submit for his election. The party leaders are of the opinion that Kishore as a consultant ought to assist him combat the election however shouldn’t be in full cost of the election.

If Kishore was given the duty of choosing candidates, mobilizing voters and choosing election issues, his argument was what different basic secretaries would do.

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He felt that accepting Kishore’s demand would make the total party group ineffective. Kishore tweeted towards Rahul Gandhi. Kishore had favored the inclusion of the party after the West Bengal elections.

A bit of the Congress has expressed help for Kishore’s dedication and his potential to work as a party disciplinarian. It is advisable for the party to nominate him as a consultant.

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