Red Rock Candy: Tens of Healthy Benefits of Stone Sugar Be careful though

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Tens of Healthy Benefits of Stone Sugar Be careful though

Everyone is aware of stone sugar. Stone sugar is not only candy and has many medicinal properties. Rock sugar, crimson rock sweet in Sanskrit and kandi shakar in Hindi and Urdu. This stone sugar is condensed into cane milk and made in crystals with out including any chemical! Now, crimson stone is comprised of palm tree milk. Its worth may be very uncommon. Masonry is cool and enriches the physique. Growing kids with stone sugar, dry coconut, dried kharkoor, almonds, cashews and dry grapes must be fed.
Tens of advantages of stone sugar are:

  1. Walnut and stone sugar can be utilized to stimulate the mind. * Consumption of anise anise and stone sugar will increase eyesight. * The consumption of pepper powder and stone sugar helps relieve cough. Pleasing to the throat.
  2. If there’s blood leaking from the nostril, the stone must be taken with sugar powder near the nostril and scent. * Mouth rind, stone sugar and cumin rambana. Cardamom powder can be eaten. * Dry ginger and stone sugar could be consumed when the sound breaks.
  3. Kidney Stone can be dissolved should you drink stone sugar in white onion juice. * Poppy and stone sugar are good for throat ache. * Hemorrhoids could be consumed by nagakasera stone.
  4. The diarrhea powder must be combined with diarrhea. * Drinking stone sugar in 10 to fifteen neem leaf juice is really helpful for abdomen ache. * Children who develop stone sugar must be fed. This provides the physique energy. Good for the mind too.
  5. Using stone sugar provides a particular style when making lemonade. And when making gulab jamun, stone sugar is best than sugar.
  6. 15 grams of sugar is claimed to comprise 60 energy. It just isn’t really helpful for diabetics. Isn’t it a good suggestion to make use of this stone sugar for refreshment and energy? (Collection: SH Nadaf)

You are all
Stone fire ||

Kallakakkare savior is aware of that
Pulalochana is the title of Sri Krishna

Bulls will not be bought
The sack just isn’t full of sack |
There is not any hire to pay
Good Commodity

Loss doesn’t originate
How many expats don’t value |
It just isn’t simple to eat
Known inside the city ||

It just isn’t laborious to go
Not bought into saint |
The tongue of the saints
Kantha Purandaravithala Name Name ||
Kallu sakkare kolliro nivellaru kallu sakkare kolliro

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