RRR India’s Worst Cinema, Rajamouli Not Directed: KRK Review

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RRR India’s Worst Cinema, Rajamouli Not Directed: KRK Review ,Released yesterday (March 25), the movie is being heard throughout the nation. The movie is appreciated by each most of the people and the movie critics. But some have referred to as this movie the worst film ever, and KR Khan is considered one of them

Actor and critic KR Khan reviewed the RRR cinema on the primary day and stated, “I have never seen such a bad movie in my lifetime”.

” The cinematography may be very unhealthy. There just isn’t a single scene in your complete film. Rajamouli is the worst scriptwriter. KR Khan says the cinematography of this movie is what I name “comedy” slightly than filmmaking.

” There’s a scene initially of the film. A pair lakhs of them are protesting towards the British. Ram Charan falls on prime of a giant crowd and arrests one. It is alleged to be the world’s largest hero, Sikander. But he cannot do this sort of mad journey. But Rajamouli is all that’s attainable in cinema, ”KR Khan stated.

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“Another hero of the cinema, Joo NTR, fights with the tiger. The tiger is frightened by the roar of the jou ntr. This is not possible in real life but is possible in Rajamouli cinema. Many scenes in the film have the heroes thrown and thrown away. It takes a couple of years for a broken bone to settle in real life. But in Rajamouli cinemas, everything goes okay for ten minutes and the fight breaks in the next scene. Such incredible scenes can only be found in Rajamouli cinema, ”KRK stated.


Worst Cinema Dialogues: KRK

Worst Cinema Dialogues: KRK

“Cinema’s dialogues are just as bad. This is British cinema. There are a lot of British in cinema so most of the dialogue is in English. 40% of the cinema’s total dialogue is in English. Although the two heroes of the film are not Hindi, they are dubbed in Hindi. So I hear their dialogue very badly. There is also Telugu music. This is bad music for Bollywood. The direction of cinema is also very bad, ”KRK stated.

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Action scenes are like comedy scenes: KRK

Action scenes are like comedy scenes: KRK

” This cinema is an motion cinema. But laughter comes from watching motion scenes of cinema. There is motion on the display screen, and the viewers watching it’s sitting on a chair and smiling. Such motion is on this cinema. What Rajamouli has finished just isn’t the director. He has made a spotboy film. Rajamouli calls himself a director. But he has made such unhealthy films. So I prefer to name Rajamouli as Rajamouli as a substitute of Rajamouli. 600 crores just isn’t a nasty movie however a Direction. Rajamouli ought to get no less than six years in jail for making such a nasty movie, ”stated KRK.


Heroes are the worst: KRK

Heroes are the worst: KRK

‘Talking about appearing, there’s a two scene from Ajay Devgn. Her scenes are shorter than Alia Bhatt’s. Both scenes are very brief so I’m not speaking concerning the two. Joo NTR and Ram Charan had been busy within the cinematic three-hour motion, so they’d no alternative however to behave. Not in any respect. The bear seems very unhealthy to have a look at. Too unhealthy to have a look at in comparison with Hindi superstars, ”KRK stated.

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Not a single good thing in cinema: KRK

Not a single good factor in cinema: KRK

” RRR ” is a really unhealthy film, not a great one to look at. If you need to get your mind oscillated and need to expertise the afterlife whereas dwelling, solely to learn how India’s worst cinema can value 600 crores, go to the cinema and waste your time, cash and energy. I give this film a zero star. This is as a result of the film has set a hearth of Rs 600 crore, ” KR Khan stated. Many have been outraged by this criticism. He stated he doesn’t come to see cinema. KRK has notoriously criticized many South Indian cinema.

Actor and film critic KR Khan reviewed RRR film and stated This is the worst film of India. He additionally stated Rajamouli didn’t know how you can direct a film.


Story first printed: Saturday, March 26, 2022, 17:07 [IST]


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