Russian army that attacked hospitals in Ukraine 34 instances; This is proof that war crime is happening

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Russia assaults Ukraine hospitals

Russian army that attacked hospitals in Ukraine 34 instances; This is proof that war crime is happening, Russia’s war on Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War) It’s been a month. According to the Associated Press, Russian forces have attacked Russia’s medical techniques and hospitals about 34 instances thus far. On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered army motion in opposition to Ukraine. We have Ukraine (Ukraine) There is no ease in conquering. Our intention is to repel the army of Ukraine. But oncoming army forces are underneath assault. Ukraine additionally complained to the International Court of Justice that Russia was conducting war crimes.

It has beforehand been reported that Russian forces haven’t even left hospitals. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenci was additionally accused of attacking hospitals. The invasion of Russian armies is extreme. They are bombing hospitals’ maternity hospitals. Citizens’ residential areas will not be being deserted. The AP cited in its report that journalists have been additionally being assassinated.

According to an impartial investigation, information collected thus far because the begin of the war reveals that Russian troopers have attacked Ukrainian hospitals 34 instances thus far. There is ample proof for this. The report additionally cited media reviews suggesting that Russia could also be witnessing war crimes. It says there is ample proof that civilians live in protected, residential buildings constructed for refugees to dwell in.

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