Save your skin from clogged pores with these 5 suggestions, or be ready for face acne

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Nobody likes having XL-sized pores on their nostril, cheeks or anyplace else on their face. They primarily develop when particles, oil, or lifeless skin cells change into lodged in your pores. In the case of blackheads, they could appear darkish in color or bigger. The worst half about clogged pores is that they may end in acne and breakouts. Clogged pores occur particularly within the winter when your skin turns into dry and generates extra sebum, the important thing reason behind acne. Skin cells come collectively consequently, and result in clogged pores. Hence, it’s essential to concentrate to your skin and learn the way to deal with clogged pores.

Effects of winter on your skin

Despite how refreshing the chilly winter air might really feel, it may be tough on your skin. Your skin might change into dry, lifeless, flaky, or even irritated as a result of it. So it comes as no shock when clogged pores change into a big problem. Don’t fear, although. There are loads of mild and straightforward ways to keep the pores clear.

HealthShots spoke to Dr Monica ChaharChief Dermatologist, and Director, Skin Decor, Dwarka, New Delhi, to search out the options to eliminate clogged pores.

Open or enlarged pores could make your face look boring. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Ways to deal with clogged pores in winter

If you don’t know how one can care for your skin correctly, it may change into a problem. You would be shocked at how a lot better your skin can look with just a bit effort. So, use the recommendation talked about beneath to deal with clogged pores and acne this winter and in flip, obtain delicate, supple skin that glows from the within out.

Tips to eliminate clogged pores and acne in winter

If clogged pores and acne are bothering you, listed below are 5 tricks to eliminate these skin issues:

1. Keep your skin moisturised

It is important to be conscious of moisturising your skin adequately in all seasons. Moisturising the skin will maintain it sufficiently hydrated and nourished. Make certain you decide a moisturiser that fits your skin kind. However, be conscious, to not go overboard with the moisturiser as it may depart the skin oily and ultimately end in a breakout. Look out for the phrases ‘non-comedogenic’ (a substance that doesn’t have the potential to clog pores within the skin) on its label.

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2. Flaxseed oil

Apart from its many well being advantages, flaxseed oil is a one-stop resolution for all skin issues. It works to hydrate the skin apart from enhancing the feel and lowering skin dryness and irritation.

How to treat clogged pores
Flaxseed oil has skin advantages. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Do not over-exfoliate

While exfoliation is a vital step to attain clear and wholesome skin, extreme scrubbing of the skin could cause it to dry additional. Dry skin is extra liable to a breakout and can even trigger rashes and irritation within the skin.

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4. Staying hydrated

Keeping your self correctly hydrated all through the day. It ought to be step one to attain clear skin and to attain a wholesome physique. Hydration is essential for delicate and glowing skin. Hydrating your skin permits it to breathe, which permits oxygen to achieve each cell in your physique, together with the outer layers of the skin. And if your skin is dry, it might be extra weak to a breakout and trigger rashes and skin irritation.

5. Refresh the skin

Just like crops, our skin too wants a each day dose of contemporary air to remain wholesome. However, the cool winter months may make it tough to exit and get some contemporary air. So, you may attempt a home made (*5*) to cleanse and refresh your skin.

How to treat clogged pores
For wholesome, glowing skin, you may attempt malai face masks. Image courtesy: Shutterstock


Your skin is a crucial a part of you and taking good care of it’s important to remain wholesome and completely satisfied. Along with a correct eating regimen, ensure that to maintain your face clear, train often, and keep hydrated. Do not shrink back to go to a dermatologist if your skin points worsen.

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