Shocking News: A roadside banker cuts and burns the actress’s body in pieces

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NEW DELHI: A stunning incident in Italy, which killed a 26-year-old actress and lower her body to pieces, has taken place in Italy. A banker has been arrested by police on costs of committing this act. Kill the actress, her CorpseAfter chopping her to pieces, she threw her deadbody down a highway.

The deceased actress has been recognized as Carol Maltesi. On March 20, a girl’s shattered corpse was discovered on a hill close to the Pallaine village of Lombardy. Police suspect that the actress was shot and killed with a hammer. According to a report in the Daily Mirror of England, components of her body had been burned and packed in 4 sacks in order that the girl couldn’t be recognized.

Police arrested David Fontana, 43, on Tuesday in the case. He is charged with homicide, destruction of proof and concealment of a useless body. The corpse was noticed after a fan of the actress got here ahead and noticed the corpse. The useless girl lived in the municipality of Rescaldina, Milan.

Carol Maltesi, who beforehand starred in Adult Cinema (blue), was promoting fragrance. After Kovid’s time, she started appearing in grownup movies. The alleged banker confessed to killing the actress in January throughout the trial. He admitted to throwing the corpse in the freezer a month later and throwing it on the roadside.

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