Should you clean yourself before sex too? Safe sex practices nobody told you about!

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Your sexual well being wants your consideration too! Here are some secure sex practices to comply with when you’re doing the birds and the bees.

Sexual well being is prime to all individuals’s well being and happiness. While sex is all about pleasure, you nonetheless received to play it by the principles. When you’ve indulged within the artwork of love-making, prepping for it with some good sexual well being practices can assist you to guide a wholesome life and have secure sex.

To enhance consciousness and scale back the unfold of sexually transmitted infections (STI), one must comply with sure sexual well being guidelines.

Here are some secure sex practices you can comply with:

1. Shower before sex

Before participating in sexual practices, it’s advisable to clean yourself by taking a shower or bathe. However, if issues are getting heated up, you can wash and clean genital areas. Wash your palms with cleaning soap and water and make it part of your routine. Maintain oral hygiene. This is to forestall transmission of any an infection.

Bathing before getting on with sex is a good suggestion! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Prevent STIs

Use barrier contraceptives like male condoms, feminine condoms, and dental dams when participating in sexual actions. They can forestall sexually transmitted infections like Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B and HIV-AIDS.

3. Clean your sex toys

Self-pleasuring must be secure too! Sex toys are objects that can be utilized for self-pleasure or used throughout sexual acts. They are private, shouldn’t be shared and ought to be cleaned before and after each use. It is advisable to cowl it with a brand new condom before utilizing it once more.

4. Use contraception

Contraceptives and contraception can be utilized to forestall an unplanned being pregnant. The contraceptives out there are barrier contraceptives like condomcontraception drugs or OC tablet (oral contraceptive drugs) or EC tablet (emergency contraceptive drugs). There are additionally semi-permanent methods of avoiding being pregnant, like, IUCD’s (Intra Uterine Contraceptive Devices) like Copper T and injectable contraceptives. It is finest to talk to your gynecologist to determine which methodology is finest suited to you.

latex-free condomsYou can have secure sex however not with out condoms! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Safe sex ideas:

  1. Do not have sex drunk and medicines.
  2. It is advisable to not have a number of sexual companions. It is safer to have interaction in sexual practices with a long-term dedicated companion. However, a condom ought to at all times be utilized in any case.
  3. Avoid early sexual encounters until the reproductive system is totally developed ideally until late teenagers or early 20s.

Since we reside in a tropical nation, it is strongly recommended to wash/bathe twice a day. Your intimate hygiene additionally performs a significant position in sustaining your sexual well being.

Here are some intimate hygiene practices you ought to comply with:

1. Keep your genitals clean and dry

Your personal areas could be cleaned utilizing lukewarm water. Make certain you’re washing your vagina from entrance to again to forestall an infection from dangerous micro organism within the anal area. Avoid scrubbing as it may harm delicate pores and skin. Soap can be utilized externally, however not contained in the vagina. Since the vagina has acidic pH, alkaline cleaning soap interferes with it and destroys the endogenous vaginal flora. Avoid douching the vagina utilizing pre-packaged scented merchandise as they’ll result in irritation, irritation and burning.

2. Wear clean underwear

Your underwear ought to be free, comfy, and ideally made with cotton. The materials permits air, permitting your personal areas to breathe. Cotton additionally absorbs moisture. It shouldn’t be needed to clean your personal space after each act of urination. It is advisable to make use of tissue to softly wipe the realm and ensure it’s dry as a result of moist underwear could make you liable to fungal an infection.

underwearAlways put on a clean underwear! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Adopt a wholesome way of life

Consume a eating regimen with loads of vegetables and fruit, train frequently and keep away from extreme alcohol and smoking.

When want be, search sexual and reproductive well being companies. Your gynecologist can optimize your sexual well being by doing pelvic examination, pap smear, detect and deal with Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), counsel vaccines, give contraceptive choices, and assist sexual counselling for all of your considerations

After all, reproductive and sexual well being implies that individuals are capable of have a satisfying and secure sex life, forestall sexual infections, and have the capability to breed and the liberty to resolve if, when and the way usually to take action.

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