Sonia Gandhi’s resignation as Congress president: CWC meeting decision

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New Delhi: The Congress Working Committee (CWC) convened on Sunday, chaired by Congress president Sonia Gandhi, after the five-state election defeat. In a four-hour meeting, the unanimous decision was taken by Sonia Gandhi to proceed as Congress’ interim president.

After the CWC meeting, AICC basic secretary KC Venugopal stated that the social gathering president would instantly take corrective measures regarding the social gathering’s group, amid insistence that massive reforms had been wanted to revive the social gathering’s future in a disastrous defeat.

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“The Congress will hold a think-tank after the budget session of Parliament and before that the CWC will meet again,” Venugopal informed reporters.

At the CWC meeting, Sonia Gandhi listened to the phrases of all of the social gathering leaders and was able to make the mandatory adjustments to strengthen the social gathering.”Every member of the CWC wants Sonia Gandhi to guide her until the corporate election,” Congress chief Ranjeep Surjewala stated.

“The CWC has unanimously expressed confidence in the leadership of Congress President Sonia Gandhi,” Venugopal stated.

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