Tackle all your menstrual health issues like a boss with Chandra Namaskar

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If your menstrual health issues are troubling you day and night time, we’ve got discovered the right resolution for you — chandra namaskar or moon salutation.

Most of us stay such fast-paced lives that we start to compromise on our health. Not solely does this lackadaisical angle trigger weight acquire, but it surely additionally results in a vary of menstrual health issues, reminiscent of infertility, managing PCOS, endometriosis, hormonal imbalance, and extra. But as all the time, yoga can come to your rescue, and there’s a particular pose that may assist. Yes, we’re talking about chandra namaskar or moon salutations.

This apply consists of a vary of poses, which provide varied advantages. Yogini Juhi Kapoor has additionally shared this, in her current Instagram video!

Here are the poses you could make notice of:

1. Tadasana

This pose boosts blood circulation, strengthens calf muscle tissue, and improves posture.

  • Here’s methods to do it:Stand with your toes urgent firmly into the bottom, hip-width distance aside with the toes pointing in barely.
  • Drop the tailbone, stretch your backbone and roll the shoulders away from the ears.
  • Place the palms collectively on the coronary heart centre.
Period ache? Not anymore. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Konasana

It strengthens your facet core muscle tissue and improves respiratory capability.

Here’s methods to do it:

  • Stand straight with toes about hip-width distance aside, and arms on the facet.
  • Breathe in and lift the left arm up, in order that your fingers level in direction of the ceiling.
  • Breathe out and bend to the precise, first from the backbone, and subsequent, transfer your pelvis to the left and bend a little extra.
  • Keep your left arm pointing up.
  • Turn your head to lookup on the left palm. Straighten the elbows.
  • Breathing in, straighten your physique again up.
  • Breathing out, carry the left arm down.

3. Utkatkonasana

It improves reproductive perform, helps to spice up blood circulation across the reproductive system, and boosts fertility.

Here’s methods to do it:

  • Stand straight, and maintain your toes aside. Bend the elbows at shoulder top and switch the palms dealing with one another.
  • Turn the toes out 45 levels dealing with the corners of the room, and as you exhale bend the knees over the toes squatting down.
  • Press the hips ahead and the knees again.
  • Drop the shoulders down and again and press the chest towards the entrance of the room.
  • Look straight forward with the chin parallel to the ground.

4. Trikonasana

This pose helps to open your hamstrings, strengthen the side coreand helps to tone the stomach area. It additionally helps to fights the fats across the love handles.

Here’s methods to do it:

  • Stand straight with your legs aside. The distance between your legs must be a little greater than your shoulders.
  • Inhale and lift your proper hand straight above your head.
  • As you exhale, bend your torso on the waist, to your left facet.
  • Simultaneously, slide your left arm down alongside your left leg until your fingers are at your ankle.
  • Your proper arm have to be horizontal, as your head is tilted left.
  • Hold the pose with your knees and elbows straight.

Also, watch:

5. Parsvottanasana

It helps to stretch hamstrings and improves hip mobility.

Here’s methods to do it:

  • Start with the tadasana pose.
  • Place your fingers on your hips.
  • Step your proper foot again and line up your heel with your again foot at a 45-degree angle.
  • Keep your hips dealing with ahead, and each side of your waist elongated
  • As you inhale, unfold your arms out on the facet.
  • As you exhale, rotate your arms, bend your elbows and produce your palms collectively behind your again.
  • Inhale, lengthen your backbone, and interact your quadriceps.
  • Come again into the mountain pose to finish.

6. Anjaneyasana

This pose helps with better breathingand is nice for opening the hips and enhancing reproductive perform.

Here’s methods to do it:

  • Be within the low lunge place, drop your again knee to the mat.
  • Put your fingers on to your proper knee, which must be over your proper ankle.
  • Inhale and lift your arms over your head.
  • Deepen into the lunge, press firmly into your toes, as you permit your hips to shift ahead.
  • Your higher backbone could be in a backbend place if it feels comfy.
  • Exhale to launch your fingers, after which your pose.

The remainder of the postures are repeated on one other facet, much like the surya namaskar.

Here are a few advantages which are provided by chandra namaskar:

  • Helps with higher reproductive perform
  • Helps enhance emotional health
  • Helps stability hormones, and improves the perform of thyroid
  • Great to enhance situations like PCOS, menopausal troubles, endometriosis
  • Helps to alleviate stress, anxiousness, cools down your system


  • It could be achieved each day (3-6 rounds)
  • It could be achieved in periods
  • Hold every posture for 5-10 counts
  • You also can do it in a circulation with out holding the postures, in an effort to increase the center price
  • Most helpful when achieved within the night, dealing with a rising moon(could be achieved in any other case too)

Do NOT do it in case of cervical bother. Pregnant girls can do that pose, solely below the steerage of their prenatal yoga instructor (with sure modifications as instructed by the instructor). Avoid in case of arthritis

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