‘That’s just my point of view’; Miss Universe peace about Hijab

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Chandigarh: Miss Universe 2021 Harnaz Sandhu has made it clear that that is my view, as her assertion about the Hijab has gone viral. When requested to touch upon the difficulty of hijab as a citizen of this nation it’s clear that I’ve merely shared my view.

The 24-year-old Sandhu, who received the Miss Universe pageant earlier this yr, stated: “When asked about the hijab controversy, I thought it was necessary to answer. Because I believe that everyone can live according to their choice. ”

“I am a young woman of this country. I am a postgraduate student in public administration. It is important for us to have our perspective on whatever is happening around the world, ”Harnaz Sandhu stated.

The model-actress’s assertion on hijab pricing a number of days in the past went viral on social media. “Why Do Women Target? Why do you target Hijab? Their choice of life is their own choice. Let her live as she wants to live. We women have different colors and cultures. We should respect each other… I think we all have different lives. So why do you want to pressure and dominate someone else? ” He stated. Later, his assertion that Sandhu Hijab was inspired by his phrases, grew to become so viral.

Harnaz Sandhu, the winner of Miss Universe 2021, was requested by journalists on the occasion in Mumbai on March 17 about the hijab.

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