UA Certificate for ‘KGF Chapter 2’ completed by Censor; The duration of the film is 19 minutes longer than Chapter 1!

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Bangalore: Censor response to the upcoming film ‘KGF Chapter 2’ starring actor Rocking Star Yash is over and the film has been licensed UA.

In a tweet, filmmaker Karthik Ravi Varma tweeted that the censor response to the film ‘KGF Chapter 2’ is over and the film has been licensed by the UA. The film has a complete duration of 2 hours and 48 minutes and tweeted that it will likely be launched on April 14.

Chapter 2 is 19 minutes longer than Chapter 1 !!
The duration of ‘KGF Chapter 1’ was 2.35 min. The duration of the second chapter of the KGF is now 168 minutes. That means a 2 hour and 48 minute cinema present. This implies that Chapter 2 shall be 19 minutes longer than Chapter 1, and 19 minutes will present extra leisure for cine lovers.

‘KGF2’ is coming to the cinema display on April 14th in 5 languages ​​concurrently. The Grand Launch on March 27 was a trailer launch in 5 languages. The trailer of the film has been seen in Kannada at 2.2 crore (17 million) by 1pm right now (March 31). The highest in Hindi is 6.7 crore (67 million) weaves. 1.6 crore (16 million) in Tamil and a couple of.5 crore (25 million) in Telugu. The film additionally received a very good response in Malayalam. The trailer of this film has been seen over 96 lakh instances in Malayalam.

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