Ukraine Russia War: Incessant Russian invasion of Ukraine in the midst of negotiations

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Ukraine Russia War: Incessant Russian invasion of Ukraine in the midst of negotiations, The Russian invasion of Kiev is intensifying and there’s rising frustration amongst residents. Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine present indicators of constructive improvement, however the Russian forces proceed to emerge. You can see the standing of the multi-storey constructing you see in the video. Other buildings in Kyiv metropolis are additionally being attacked. The actual quantity of casualties in the assault will not be recognized. The 12-storey constructing is on fireplace as a result of the shelling on the identical flooring. Firefighters are attempting to place out the fireplace. There was one other 9-storey constructing beside it, which was additionally fairly broken.

Four civilians have been killed after Russian forces attacked buildings in residential areas of Kiev on Tuesday. The Russian military additionally attacked buildings in the north and west of Kiev’s east and metropolis middle.

At the identical time, a Ukrainian official by the identify of Vyacheslav Kouhs instructed Ukrainian tv that 10 individuals have been standing in line to purchase bread in Putin’s military shelling assault on one other Ukrainian metropolis of Chernihiv on Wednesday.

Russia is now not directly attacking civilians, Vakeslav Kouss mentioned. ‘This will not be the first shelling on the metropolis, neither is it the first time a Ukrainian enemy has attacked a civilian. The Russians are attacking most of the residential properties in Chernihiv and different cities in the area, ‘Kouz mentioned.

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