Virus screams again at home in Corona; Bed shortages in hospitals, overcrowded coffins, people bang

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Kovid 19, Omicron Cases in China Already northeast Lockdown in China Ordered to do Lock Down In China. On the other hand, in Hong Kong, Omicron is spreading fast. Where mass inspection, quarantine measures have been taken. In the meantime hospitals are facing a shortage of beds. Fearing the possibility of being locked down again, the supermarket is sinking into stores to buy essential items. What’s worse is that there is no space left for the graves. This is why hospital administrators place the dead bodies in refrigerated shipping containers.

Globally, the number of deaths from corona has increased. Reached six million this week. Nearly 2000 people have died from corona in Hong Kong since December 31, 2021. A major reason for the increase in coronavirus is the slowing of vaccine delivery. Vaccination rates are very low, especially for the elderly. Of the 1153 deaths in the current wave of violence in Hong Kong, only 8 percent are confirmed to have received the two-dose coronavirus vaccine.

The shortcomings of the Zero Kovid system have been revealed in Hong Kong. There, messages from the city government of the South China City promoted the procurement of food supplies and caused public fears that the people would be taken to isolation.
In Shanghai, some museums will be temporarily closed by Friday, the city government said. When online education began in the southern city of Shenzhen in February, cases began to increase and remain. In Beijing, several housing units are fully or partially locked down.

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