WATCH: Non-striker crosses halfway mark even before the ball gets delivered during an ECL match

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WATCH: Non-striker crosses halfway mark even before the ball gets delivered during an ECL match, Cricket is very considered a ‘Gentleman’s Game’, and cricketers play the recreation with utmost professionalism. However, generally followers get to witness hilarious incidents going down on-field, which by no means fails to tickle the humorous bones of everybody.

One such incident occurred in an encounter between the Punjab Lions Nicosia and the PAK I Care Badalona sides in the ongoing European Cricket League (ECL). The rib-tickling episode occurred the place the non-striker ran greater than halfway down the pitch before even the ball was delivered.

It all occurred during the tenth over of Punjab Lions’ innings when the bowler was about to ship the ball before the non-striker ran in full velocity in direction of the striker’s finish. The bowler stopped his run-up and pulled out of the supply. Although he didn’t whip the bails, however he did converse to the umpire relating to the incident.

Here is the video:

Notably, working the non-striker out has at all times been debated extremely amongst the cricket fraternity. Also often called Mankading, in such a state of affairs, a bowler has all the rights to whip the bails if the batter tries to achieve a couple of further yards by popping out of his crease even before the bowler delivers the ball.

The act of doing ‘Mankad’ was thought of towards the ‘spirit of cricket’, nonetheless, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has lately amended the guidelines. Now, if a bowler dismisses the non-striker on this vogue, it’s going to now not be thought of as an unfair play however will probably be referred to as a runout.

“Law 41.16-running out the non-striker- has been moved from Law 41 (Unfair Play) to Law 38 (Runout). The wording of the Law remains the same,” learn the assertion launched by the MCC.

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