What is the secret of applying turmeric paste before Holika Dahan, know what is the belief

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What is the secret of applying turmeric paste before Holika Dahan, know what is the belief,

    • Take 5 or 11 cow dungs, a handful of mustard seeds, dry coconut balls. Then fill barley, sesame seeds, mustard seeds, sugar, rice and ghee in dry coconut balls. Then it must be thrown into the burning hearth of Holika. With this, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi are obtained and the obstacles coming in each work are eliminated.
    • Light a lamp of pure ghee in the north course in the home in the night before or after Holika Dahan. Doing this brings happiness and peace in the home.
    • First of all, before beginning the puja, apply turmeric vaccine to Holika.
    • Whatever issues are to be supplied in the hearth. Offering it, one ought to pray for happiness, peace and prosperity in the home.
    • Offer water after doing 7 circumambulation round Holika as a result of doing so brings prosperity in the home.
    • >Reciting Shri Vishnu Sahasranamam on the night time of Holika Dahan is helpful.
    • People whose issues don’t go away their lives. They are suggested to recite Sunderkand.
    • People affected by Shani’s half-century or Shani’s wrath ought to chant the Beej Mantra of Shani and worship Hanuman ji duly.

li>After coming dwelling after Holika Dahan, positively gentle a lamp in the home of worship.

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